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In 2011, our first morning Bootcamps included a Lefty who was back training for the summer after playing Right Back at college and needed to work on her footskills. She went back to her team that fall and took over the starting Center Midfield position.

In 2012, our Tuesday and Thursday Bootcamp hosted a group of Lefties from a team that was looking to go premier. All summer, twice a week they struck balls, trained and developed their footskills. They won in the championship game against a team that only had four players training at LeftFoot. They had six.

That same year our Monday and Wednesday Bootcamp hosted the seniors and juniors of Benilde-St. Margaret’s girls Varsity team in their pursuit of winning their first ever state championship. They won with six Lefties on the squad.

In 2013, the BSM juniors and sophomores came to prepare again. That fall, they won again and a Lefty scored the winning goal. Their team had eight Lefties, the opposing team had none.

In 2014, we went away from the Bootcamp format and focused on smaller sessions. Our senior Hall of Fame recipients went on to outstanding college seasons. No Lefties won championships that year — except for one team which had eight Lefties that participated in the 2012 and 2013 Bootcamps.

I’m not sure what it is about the LeftFoot Bootcamps, but they seem to work — which is why we brought them back. Let’s see what they can do for you?

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