Weekends at LeftFoot

Weekends @ LeftFoot
Choose your session. Every Saturday. Same Time. Same Place.

Attend back to back, every week for less than $15/session.

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“Bring back the ‘old school LeftFoot’. I used to love to stay and play with every topic.”

Kaija Eckholm

Founder, The Eck House, LeftFoot Combination Coach

Weekends @ LeftFoot!

For a Limited Time we are re-introducing Academy Topics to the Weekends. Your player can stay and play for one hour, two, maybe even three sessions in a row! Check under the “Weekend” tab in your Pike13 schedule. 

FootSkills at LeftFoot


Since 2008, if your player needed to get better FootSkills, the best players have recommended training at LeftFoot. It’s not just our coaching, it’s our researched proven process developed by Dr. Tyler Bosch and Founder, Christian Isquierdo that leads players through a four step method to not just learn “moves” but “feel the ball and attack the space.”™

FootSkills at LeftFoot

Spatial Awareness

Speed and Agility combine with movement on and off the ball at LeftFoot through our Spatial Awareness curriculum. It’s not just about turning, receiving and playing. You have to “know how to move” laterally and in the game of soccer. “Hurdles and ladders are not Speed Training. ” is a famous LeftFoot concept. Learn how to work with others in our Triangle Offense so your game is complete. 

FootSkills at LeftFoot


 The Five Strikes. Release Techniques. We study one technique for four weeks, then we move on to applying it game play. Topics rotate through the Low Instep Drive, High Lofted Ball, One Touch Shooting and the LeftFoot Strike.  Schedule is online for Members’ Only. Recommended to study four weeks in a row to guarantee progress. 


FootSkills at LeftFoot

Aerial Warfare

Aerial Warfare. In 2010, Founder, Christian Isquierdo came back from South Africa convinced to not be embarrased at the international sport of “soccer tennis” any longer. Keeping the ball in the air is the primary objective of our Flankenspiels and Aerial Warfare games along with “Fantastic Finishing.”

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