Weekends at LeftFoot

Get the most out of LeftFoot! FootSkills | BallStriking | Aerial Warfare | Awareness Every Saturday and Sunday. Same Time. Same Place.

Your player can stay and play for one hour, two, maybe even three sessions in a row! Designed to allow our students and coaches to “practice” each concept that we teach in the Academy through a progressive model.

Weekends @ LeftFoot!

Want to really up your game? Our Weekend Practice sessions may just be exactly what you need. We’ll cover a variety of skills and you’ll soon find yourself becoming a stronger, more competitive and more proficient player.

Your player can stay and play for one hour, two, maybe even three sessions in a row! Designed to allow our students and coaches to “practice” their abilities to learn, coach and develop. Master Coach, Christian Isquierdo delivers the instructional methods the first two weekends each month, Academy Coaches proceed to finish Weekend Phase III & IV based on the LeftFoot Way under supervision.

“Bring back the ‘old school LeftFoot’. I used to love to stay and play with every topic.”

Kaija Eckholm

Founder, The Eck House, LeftFoot Combination Coach

Weekend Practice

September – April

Phenomenal FootSkills

We don’t teach moves, we develop skills.

Train your feet to work just as quickly as your mind does. With our tried-and-proven four step program, you’re going to see real results in a short period of time. Footskills isn’t just about different methods of dribbling and shooting—it gives you a better “feel” for the ball. The end result? You’ll have more control, even in less than ideal conditions on the pitch.

Saturdays 9-10am; Sundays 6-7pm
With Christian & Academy Coaches

Speed & Awareness Training

More than Speed

There’s a lot of information to take in on the pitch. Where’s the ball? Where are your teammates? What’s the best way through the opposition? You get the idea. Our spatial awareness training teaches you how to move effectively and coordinate with your teammates on and off the ball.

Saturdays 10am-11am
With Christian & Academy Coaches


Deadly BallStriking

 No Judgement Strikes.

Everything kids love about LeftFoot’s Deadly BallStriking progressions through weeks of instruction are built in on the Weekends. Join us as we cover each topic for four consecutive weeks based on the LeftFoot Methods of Coaching. Our Master Coach Model allows us to coach every player and every progression with our licensed coaches in each session.

Saturdays 11am-12pm ; Sunday 7-8pm
With Christian & Academy Coaches


Aerial Warfare

Dominate the Air

Foot skills are nothing if you can’t back them up with a solid aerial technique – and that’s exactly what we’re going to give you. This is great fun for all players, and you’ll be able to enjoy more rapid, more unpredictable and more dynamic games as a result.

Selected Weeks

More for Less

Watch these quick videos to learn about the Weekends at LeftFoot and special opportunities for students

Use the Practice Pass Every Day

The Practice Pass is designed to allow you to attend "back to back" sessions to focus on FootSkills, or BallStriking or any of the other classes we have that week!

  • Senior Academy Classes are excluded from the Practice Pass. 
  • Winter I : September 1st - December 31st, Visits expire January 22nd. 
  • Winter II: January 1st - April 22nd; Visits expire June 9th.
  • Summer:  May 1st - August 1st; Visits expire November 1st.