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Membership Guidelines

Membership for New Students interested in LeftFoot Coaching services requires the Weekend Plan Premium for all first year students and Youth Academy or Junior Academy divisions.

The Weekend Plan Premium Option is the lowest minimum service plan at $81/month for (2) Weekend Practice Sessions and (1) One on One Coaching session for Foundation Series and Youth Academy Students. Prospective Students must apply through the Academy Trial Application.


Member Fee:

$275/ Annually,

2 Sessions good whenever, 

Participation in FOURZA

$50 OFF all Programs and Plans over $250. 

10% OFF Passes & Plans over $200

Weekend Premium

Monthly Fee:

$84/month for 12 months

2 Sessions; good on Weekends only.

Can be used for FOURZA

1 One on One Coaching Session

Weekend’s at LeftFoot will continue 9am – 1pm Saturday’s and 6-9pm Sundays’ through July 29th! We’ll be off a bit in May to adjust to the Spring Schedule. We’ll be making a long term commitment to growing the membership.

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