The LeftFoot Transition

May 12, 2019

The LeftFoot Transition

The LeftFoot Coaching facility will close on May 20th. Help us to say goodbye to the facility that has been our home for the past nine years as we play our favorite games this Sunday and next Friday. We apologize for the short notice to staff and clients, but that was unavoidable due to several variables.

The Return of LeftFoot Park Sessions

In 2008, our founder Christian, started LeftFoot in Todd Park, Minneapolis. On several different days and times Christian would be at the park to work with a small group of players. For $125/month players attend unlimited sessions through the spring and summer months. Now, with over 12 coaches licensed in the LeftFoot Way of Coaching, we are excited to host four locations throughout the Twin Cities over the next several months to deliver services to our members. Practice fields and times will be available in Pike13 and available to current members.

Christian Retiring

With the sale of the facility, Christian announced his immediate retirement and intended closure of the LeftFoot business to coaching and administrative staff. Part of the short notice was Christian deciding to retire completely May 1st.  

As a coaching team we asked him to give us “One More Summer” to keep LeftFoot alive. He has ceded control of the business and operations completely. He agreed to “write the book” as well as do a limited coaching tour with our new program this summer.

Christian has agreed to support current coaches and coaching partners currently enrolled in the Senior Academy from behind the scenes. He will be no longer be directing the business or interacting directly with customers which will support the transition to new leadership.

Please respect his decision to leave the company, and direct questions about sessions, billing and membership to [email protected].  We will all miss Christian, but his terms to continue and transition LeftFoot to a new ownership group, as well as coach, was dependent on no longer being involved in customer interactions. As a friend, give him a call or text but direct questions about your membership to us.

Retirement Tour

Christian’s “retirement” tour will be held in several locations this summer including Minnetonka, St. Paul, Edina and another location to be determined. He will only be coaching the Academy BootCamps in the morning Tuesday through Thursday. He has agreed to do one workshop and visit locations randomly but only coach the Senior Academy BootCamp as the Master Coach.


LeftFoot Continues

Megan Kaczmarek and Kyle Bergevin will be the new Directors’ of the Academy responsible for supporting the transition and ongoing One to One Coaching service offering, Semi-Private Coaching and Membership programs through the summer. Throughout the summer our team will be working to establish a strong ownership group along with strategies and plans in place going into the fall. There are some unknowns and things to figure out from our perspectives and roles. We see LeftFoot continuing but know that this is a process and transition so please respect our time, energy, and decisions. We are asking for business guidance and leadership from friends and family. Our goal will be to connect our licensed coaches with families across the Metro area by establishing several locations, including parks and fields and serving our members’ needs.

If you no longer want to drive to Minneapolis, no worries, we’ll drive to you!

Submit a Location Request

Location requests can be submitted to [email protected] Please let us know of a park, field and city that you want us to visit. We’d prefer a minimum group of 4 players on three separate days. Our Academy Curriculum will still be applied to guarantee the LeftFoot Way of Coaching as developed by our founder, Christian.

Thank you for keeping us in your summer plans. Our team was shocked by the sale of the building and retirement of our founder but we are excited to keep LeftFoot alive. We know that kids still need our techniques, lessons and culture.  The core values, techniques, and spirit of LeftFoot couldn’t die with Christian’s need to exit. We’re excited to be involved and push forward. Please direct all questions, concerns and requests to Megan.

Membership Updates and Summer Programs

We will have more sessions on the schedule in the next week or so as we confirm locations. We will also have updates for customers with subscriptions, Tuition Plans and programs, etc. For now, please help us say goodbye to the facility and Christian this week. We will be using Pike13 and the shopping cart to continue our programs and communications.

The facility on Pillsbury Ave closes for good on May 20th. A garage sale of equipment, furniture and supplies will be held this Friday from 3-7pm and Sunday from 9am – 2pm.

Our Final Street Soccer Game at the facility will be held Sunday, May 19 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. 

High Elbows Out!

Megan & Kyle