The Foundation Series

  • Acceleration Techniques
  • LFC Skills Sequences™
  • LeftFoot Aerial Warfare!™
  • LeftFoot BallStriking™


The Foundation Series picks up where the Movement Series left off by working on more advanced LeftFoot BallStriking™, LeftFoot Aerial Warfare™, LeftFoot Acceleration Techniques™, and the principles and progressions of the technical base that accelerates players’ development. Successful completion of the Foundation Series will prepare students for the Combination Series.

The Foundation Series is a program Christian Isquierdo, LeftFoot’s Founder,  developed in his award winning chapter, “Technical Training, Techniques and Their Application.” Published in THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO YOUTH ATHLETIC STRENGTH, CONDITIONING AND PERFORMANCE, the Foundation Series outlines the six things every player needs to be successful.

The Foundation Series is designed as a method for promoting technical skills development from the ground up!

Over a hundred players have found success by following the sequences and steps that Christian developed over years of training. Now outlined as a practical model of player development these are essential skills that dominate the playing field.

The Foundation Series is the six part theory and practice of creating phenomenal players that makes up the heart of LeftFoot Coaching Academy player development strategy.

It’s why our players are so unique…

During the course we’ll focus on the Six Essential Skills of the Foundation Series:

  • Multi-directional speed, acceleration and deceleration movements including the 12 stances of athletic development, movement, and power.
  • “Quick-Six Touch” –the LeftFoot way of dribbling and touching the ball
  • The Low-Instep Drive–The 9 Elements of the Perfect Strike–the critical skill of driving the ball low and with no spin.
  • Aerial Warfare: Creating comfort with the ball in the air and in multiple directions of movement–it’s more than just juggling–it’s creating and dominating the aerial game!
  • First-Touch Awareness: Our awareness and vision techniques incorporated with what happens before you get the ball and what to do as you are receiving the ball.
  • Task Success within the Game: measuring and improving small aspects of the game that make big differences.

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