Finally, we found Christian. One conversation was all we needed- his philosophy of creating a fun, safe soccer “home” to try new things and develop your skills and knowledge of soccer was a perfect fit.   As our daughter continued working with Christian, we saw her become more comfortable with the ball at her feet and saw great improvement in her game. He is also helping us navigate the world of club and collegiate soccer as we make a plan for Alexis’ future. Now she is well on her way to reaching her dream!  Thanks Christian!  – Alexis, Shelley, and Rich Gannon
Christian has been a great coach for all of our daughters and it was a great experience for them. He is one of the most organized and dedicated coaches that we have ever had. He also is very easy to communicate with from a parent standpoint. We would certainly recommend him as a high-level and conscientious coach. In addition, he allows the girls to have fun!
-S. Mickelson.
When Maia began working with you, I believed that you would become one of the great teachers/mentors of her life. That season and our continued involvement with you beyond that team with private coaching, has proven my statement correct. I do not believe there is anyone more committed to his kids or better qualified to develop outstanding players and character than you. My initial opinion has only been confirmed and reinforced.
– Dr. John Lundstrom,
My daughter  LOVES going to LeftFoot and it has been really fun to see her feel more comfortable at  practice and at FUTSAL.  She has gained confidence already and her genuine love for the game has become more apparent (we are watching more pro soccer on TV than ever).  People (other parents) have noticed and are asking and that has made her feel really good.  So… thank you, it is fun to see this and the opportunity to meet girls (and parents for me) from all around the state has been so nice too!
-Kim Heckman
My daughter has been training with Christian’s private group for two months (2009) although she was on a service trip for part of the time. In this short time, her foot skills have improved tremendously. She now has the confidence to use them to her advantage. She is excited as I am about what she will learn from Christian in the off-season and how it will help her attain the next level.
– Dana Marcelius
Christian was dedicated to the team, is a very observant coach and really gets to know the girls’ strengths and weaknesses. Your daughter will grow and develop as a player with Christian as her coach.
– James and Kristin Schoffman
Being the [former] Vice President of the Minnesota Thunder Academy, and playing soccer through the collegiate level in Minnesota, I know many of the best coaches and trainers in Minnesota, and when I had to choose a trainer for my two kids, I chose Christian. –While Christian is one of the best in Minnesota at developing technical skills, it is really his understanding of the psychological component of the game that sets him apart. My daughter understands the game differently and plays with more confidence after training with Christian. He has and continues to help with her development as a soccer player and as a person.
– John M. Jerabek
Not only have her tactical skills improved but, her entire sense of the game has improved by leaps and bounds… She has gained skill, confidence and an overall love of the game this past season and we really look forward to what the next year will bring.
– Carolyn & Mike Johnson
As the girls patiently worked with Christian, they soon realized that he was there to best develop their soccer skills and become even better young adults.
– Rick DuBois
My daughter said to me, “Mom, when coaches in the past have taught me moves they have told me what to do with my feet but Christian is the only one one who breaks it all down and also tells me what I’m supposed to be doing with my body.” Hallelujah.  We walked in the door and she went straight out to the back yard to practice!
– Kendra Goertzen
“The reason that players are getting better is that’s it’s fun, it’s safe to try new things and be really creative. The players build confidence daily and then take that with them the next day back to their team. Often times, the level of play and coaching is higher here than on her club team and that’s made all the difference.”
-Lisa Zabel
“For the last two summers, my daughter has trained with Christian. She is in a very competitive soccer league in Arizona and due to Christian’s coaching, she has made the team while others have been cut. Each Fall her Arizona coach, unknowingly, compliments her on the very technical skills Christian has worked with her on to improve! Thank you, Christian.”
–Shannon, Richard and Jude Miller-Burke
“Your facility is awesome ~ what a space! It’s very exciting to see the size and height of the ceiling. My child thought it was a very cool training space!” – Kendra Goertzen