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FOURZA is a one-of-a-kind group format that allows our players to develop their skills, meet likeminded players, and most importantly, learn about leadership and accountability. We assign incoming students a Fourza House—Ecks, Reks, Studs and Bergs—based on their coaching design and the projects they’re interested in at the Academy. Come and play, earn points for your House and practice your topics.


High Quality & Professional Coaching

We know that the best players often have the best trainers. It’s part of what we do: To create great players is to hold high demands and clear progressions. Do this first, then learn this and that combined. Develop the foundation of techniques, then learn to be creative.

We’ve recognized this early on that we need to employ various coaching formats to effective teach soccer. Students will encounter these unique coaching designs during their Academy series progressions, as well as in programs employing semi-private coaching and one-on-ones.


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We recognize that our families are leaning towards online technologies, so we’ve decided to come out with a one-stop shop for all your needs. Our e-learning shop is a place where you can easily book a class or add a premium service to your player’s current programming. Get access by reaching out to our coaches. 

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The Leader In You

LeftFoot Students develop into leaders, center mids, coaches and players on the top teams in the top programs in the state. Our first graduating class of students finished their playing careers at Division I schools and are returning to Minnesota and the fields to coach and lead.

Our Classes

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Whether you’re still testing the waters or ready to make a big change, there are various ways for you to navigate through our opportunities here at LeftFoot. But all clients begin with the Academy Trial to get a feel of our programs, add a Membership then upgrade to a Tuition Plan to get the most out of their investment.

Academy Trial

 The Academy Trial Application is a player’s introduction to the LeftFoot way. It consists of a coaching design call where families and coach touch base to assess how LeftFoot fits into the former’s goals and the best programs for them.

Academy Trial Premium

The Ultimate Trial Experience is an extended version of our Academy Trial product. It involves small group plays, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions with either the Master Coach or our licensed combination coaches.

LeftFoot Membership VIII

The LeftFoot Membership VIII gives members access to LeftFoot’s premium service bundles and exclusive discounts. It includes private consultations with the Master Coach, coaching design calls and semi-private classes.

Ready to Make a Change?

Get off the bench or make another team this season. If you want a better coaching environment for yourself or your player, we’re here to help.