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Ending One Chapter

Create the Possiblilty

The LeftFoot Coaching Academy building at 6022 Pillsbury Ave S, Minneapolis has been closed since May 2019. We are currently on hold for programming outside the occasional one to one coaching session. We invite prospective parents and players to get in touch with us to create options for your players and our coaches to play and continue creating a soccer home.

What’s Next For LeftFoot?

We’d like your participation to support the transition of LeftFoot Coaching Academy to a non-for -profit community model. The mission is to support coaches and players to connect through a learning exchange of ideas, play, and experience.

LeftFoot aims to create a platform for parents, coaches, and players to share the learning experience together in an externally non-competitive yet internally challenging environment.

We compete within, not without.


Players want to learn in a safe space to be phenomenal through practice, participate in challenges to self and shared ways of self-organizing to create beauty and self-expression with and without a ball.   


Coaches want to inspire, teach, learn and support healthy learning environments that aren’t solely devoted to performing in high-pressure competitive environments.


Parents want their kids to learn how to play soccer as part of their lifetime of learning to collaborate toward shared goals while being spectacular and creative.

Enrolling & Creating 

Create the Space

Parents can support the space, time and effort of coaches and players to play together in new ways. Parents who are members of the LeftFoot Way can seek out spaces, places and times for coaches and players to play and study the LeftFoot Way. Parents contribute by enrolling other  families into the possibilities of creating safe places to play, learn, grow and develop without competitive pressure. In this safe “soccer home” both coaches and players can feel supported to grow, experiment, take risks and engage with others and a ball.


Create the Opportunity

Coaches can feel supported to grow, take emotional risks and participate with other coaches to share knowledge and insights gleaned from years of participation in the industry. Coaches grow as learners when they teach, collaborate and practice teaching new concepts, new techniques and volunteer their learning and expertise to others. The more a coach teaches, the more they learn.