MAY, 2017




When you’re aligned with who you are and why you do what you do there’s a natural ease to insight and awareness. This past year of keeping LeftFoot alive and having to come face to face with the grim reality of things “weren’t working” was heartbreaking. But then something shifted this past winter and spring. I followed some of my own advice that I give the kids. I recklessly abandoned myself to the moment. With every kid that was in the Academy.
I didn’t wait for more kids. I didn’t try to win. I just stayed present, tried to witness the player in the moment, and hold the space for the player to find their own expression of the technique, reveal their own journey. I ran a lot of 75 minute one person sessions. And I was ok with that.
I was completely and utterly engaged with being real, present, demanding, engaged, heartfelt and focused. Some call it Zen, grace, presence, authentic leadership, direct…I just call it LeftFoot Coaching. I just wanted to focus on being there for that player in that moment.

Giving up on achievement is staying present in the moment.

Being Present

By being present for others, it allows us to pause and give breath to fulfill the purpose of our work. I realized in November that my role wasn’t to expand LeftFoot or keep it alive, it was to bring it back to it’s source of power. To be real, vulnerable, patient, peaceful, yet driven to fight for the right to create a safe home for failure, risks, tears, hope and joy.
I gave up trying to be the best soccer Academy, or the biggest membership, or the most complicated system and interface. I just made sure I fell in love with the moment to witness a player and guide them to a place in themselves that they could trust their own power, however that power would come to fruition.
Though this journey an amazing process unfolded and we’re about to share LeftFoot, as a unique community of people that are aligned with our mission as it’s unfolding in a unique way the summer. While we’re still in the midst of a three year vision to renew LeftFoot I wanted to invite you to witness us and experience not the complexity of the journey, but the moment of being real.
 Every session was a sacred moment recaptured by a twist of fate.

Resource or re – source?

The reason I titled this blog, Re-Source, is that it explains this process that LeftFoot and the players, parents, and students of the Academy have found  as we all traveled this vulnerable, unique blend of support, trust, passion and hope to build a space and find a renewed sense of purpose.
We’ve re-sourced ourselves with our own students who fought their own battles to become successful.
Our staff is built by LeftFoot high school seniors, college freshman, students of the Academy since they were 10 years old. Players that are giving back to LeftFoot everything that LeftFoot gave to them. And we’re watching 11 year old boys drive a ball when they could barely walk and chew gum two years ago– 12 year old girls, Gatorade Players of the Year and nine year olds learn to be at peace with what I call the “drug of excellence.” The relentless pursuit of a community that is appreciating it’s time together is special.
We’re having a ball together in an amazing way that allow us to not just make LeftFoot a home, but a unique community of practitioners.
When you find out what you’re supposed to do with the rest of your life, start doing it, get back to basics and recklessly abandon yourself to the journey.
I tried to make a few brief announcements: May 2017 Announcements

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