The Youth Academy

Age group as of January 1st, 2019: {’10-’06}

The Youth Academy Series is for players between the ages of eight (U9) and twelve (U13) who want to randomly attend classes through the course of a year. Youth Academy students begin the journey through LeftFoot by learning the Six Essential Skills of Every Great Player™ in the Foundation Series but through a focused “play” environment. Youth Academy students then graduate into the Y2 progression which then introduces all of the Academy Series techniques through a “drink through the firehose” formula that makes sure every Y2 session is fun, engaging and focused on “introducing a range of techniques that can inspire players to “learn to love technique.”

Academy Series : (November – April) : 75 min | 1 Master Coach | 2 Junior Coaches | 2 Coaching Partners | 12 players

Semi-Private Coaching : (April – May ) & (September – October) : 45 min | 1 Master Coach | 2 Coaching Partners | 4 players

Tuition Plan Guidelines

  • $275 Membership is not included in Tuition Plan pricing
  • 1, 4, or 7 payments for all Youth Academy Tuition Plans
  • Sessions are distributed to meet Academy seasonal demands
  • Sessions are allocated for the entire year
  • Unused sessions rollover for one month
  • No sessions are distributed during The LeftFoot Privado™ Scheduling Model (April, May, August, September)
Tuition Benefits
  • Guaranteed Scheduling and Prices
  • Enrollment is random, but Coaching Progressions are consistent
  • Year long programming paid through installments
  • Special benefits; early scheduling access; discounts on the LeftFoot “Fast-Pass”
Tuition Plans

Three plans to choose from, Platinum, Gold and Silver

Designed to meet 26 weeks of Winter I & Winter II programs from Mid-October to Mid April

Programming Guidelines: Sessions and “what you might say to your player”

  • Platinum =  30 sessions ( You’ll be going every week, and then some)
  • Gold = 24 sessions ( You’ll miss a couple of weeks, but that’s okay, no pressure to get everything in.)
  • Silver = 18 sessions ( You’ll go every other week and that’s just fine.) 
Summer Coupon

Summer Coupons are allocated toward fixed programs that run through the summer at LeftFoot. Your Summer Coupon must be applied to LeftFoot programs by June 1st of each year. Students can enroll as early as February 15th, 2018. 

  • Summer 2018: June 11th to August 10th
  • Choose from one week programs and two week intensives
  • Extended Summer long programming like the LeftFoot BootCamp or Dynamic Training
  • Average price for summer programs range from $275 – $849
  • Coupons are allocated in addition to $50 Off for being a member. 


Youth Academy

as of 12/11/2017