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Students enroll four times a year: January, February, August & November
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Designed to Flex with the Youth Soccer Calendar

Tuition Plans are designed to organize the entire LeftFoot experience into one overall payment for students to get the best programing and services at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. These guaranteed prices allow parents to enroll their player in 24-45 sessions per year in allocated timelines and simple scheduling. Since there’s only 12 players per session four nights a week, only 48 players per Academy can workout at LeftFoot between November and April each year. Tuition Plans allow us to know who’s in and who’s out.


A Standard Pricing Model

In 2016, we opened LeftFoot to the general market to purchase individual sessions. At $25/session, our programs were packed and we couldn’t guarantee our favorite clients the premium services that they and us desired to have. By increasing our prices to $45/session for individual sessions, and spreading out the session allocation we were able to find a happy balance between stable prices for clients who would commit to our program and regulated, guaranteed space in our programs.


Access to four nights a week scheduling at LeftFoot.


Guaranteed pricing for eight months with services throughout the year.



Sessions expire after two months. Sessions allocated in January expire in March.

Visit our new e-learning section and shop.

Has a commitment to strive for excellence in every academy session.

We recognize that our families are leaning towards online technologies, so we’ve decided to come out with a one-stop shop for all your needs. Our e-learning shop is a place where you can easily book a class or add a premium service to your player’s current programming. Get access by reaching out to our coaches. 

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Students enroll in 3 of 5 seasons at LeftFoot. We recommend new players to the Academy and players aged 10-14 enroll in Student Tuition Plans to guarantee peak season access to LeftFoot. Winter I, Winter II and Summer are part of the Student Tuition Plan to ensure we’re working with the same player year round. 

Less Capacity, More Attention

Based on the design of the Master Coach Model and our emphasis on sustainable coaching practices we’ve only designed enrollment capacity for 110 students during the 2017-2018 Academy year. Enrollments for the LeftFoot Tuition Plan are only allowed during four points of the year. After each enrollment period you can participate at “market” based pricing as a Client of the Academy.

Spots per year


as of 12/11/2017


Youth Academy


Junior Academy


Senior Academy

Before You Enroll

LeftFoot 2017 Student Tuition Plans Reservations are only available to students who have completed an Academy Trial Application, participated in Summer Programs, or have been a student at the Academy in the past for a least one year.

Summer 2017 Catalog

Last year’s catalog for your review…



Start with Summer in Mind!

Work backwards to how you want to spend summer at LeftFoot! Most of our options can range from 2x a week to 8 days of an Intensive in July. Our prices for Summer range from $295 – $890 for most options. So your Summer Coupon is part of your planning to be all in at LeftFoot.

Checklist for Tuition Enrollment at LeftFoot Coaching Academy

First Step

Are you a member of LeftFoot?

All Student Tuition Plans start with a Membership! Clients must have an active LeftFoot 2017 Membership to enroll in a Tuition Plan. If you are not an active Member, with a LeftFoot 2017 Membership, you cannot enroll in a Student Tuition Plan. If you are a member, continue…


Summer Counts as a Trial

No - I'm not a member?

Did you participate in a Summer Program in 2017?

Any Accelerator, Intensive, BootCamp or Dynamic Training qualifies you for a complimentary Membership Interview to arrange  evaluations and recommendations for Student Tuition Plans.  If you did not purchase a LeftFoot 2017 Membership or participate in a summer program you need to apply for an Academy Trial Application.

Apply for Trial Application

Reserve Tuition Plan

Yes, I am a member!


You’re awesome for supporting us in our mission.

Did you make sure to schedule your Membership Guidance Call? or your North Star Alignment?  Remember, coaching works on the field when we know what’s happening in the head and we’re reaching toward aligned goals.

You can go directly to the Tuition Plan Reservation Form since you’ve already taken care of your Membership. Be sure to review your student’s new Academy Series promotion in their profile if they’ve passed their Creative Series Test or are transitioning to Junior Academy. (’04 Birth Year)

Reserve My Tuition Plan!

Schedule an Interview

I'm confused.

Schedule a Membership Interview!

Basically just get on Christian’s schedule to talk to him. Or if you know exactly what you want in your programming for LeftFoot reserve your Tuition Plan today! Prior to October 10th use Promo Code: COACHING to reserve a Membership Call or Coaching Guidance call if you’re member. 

Schedule Coaching Guidance

Reservation Information

For the months when the most kids want winter programming, we only want to work committed, dedicated players that want to get better. Our Academy Series progressions work with 12 players on a fixed schedule, making it easy for you to drop off, hang out and get the most of your 75 minute visit. Academy Series resumes November 6th, the schedule is already open.