Summer Soccer Training Programs at LeftFoot

Forget Minnesota summer soccer camps—spend your whole summer at LeftFoot Coaching Academy! Our Minnesota summer soccer training programs are the perfect way for players to get more out of their summer with specific dedicated practice time. Play indoor soccer at the LeftFoot Studio on Pillsbury Avenue and have the best time of your life!


Each LeftFoot Student has been assigned a Client Coordinator to manage their progressions and summer options.

Client Recommendations

Client Recommendations are based on the Wheel of Practice, the LeftFoot Way, an internal coaching design program by Founder, Christian Isquierdo. Your student can find their Recommendations in Pike13. Click above to watch a short video on how to find your Recommendations and Coupon. 

Fixed Program Options

Summer is what we consider a Fixed Program, where random classes are limited to evenings in July, or weekends when a coach wants to gather up a couple of players. Our fixed “course” programs are enrolled, registered and paid regardless of attendance. 

Limited Enrollment

The Master Coach Model is still in it’s infancy of utilizing FIVE Licensed, and experienced coaches working together toward a common cause. Since we’re still learning how to move through established progressions we limit enrollment to keep the one on one attention and learning for both coaches and students.

Students First

Students enroll in February for the courses they want using their Tuition Plan Summer Coupon. Members get to enroll in March. Everyone else, April 25th. Students will receive confirmation of enrollment via an invoice.


Beginning June 1st, LeftFoot closed it’s “open access” policy to return to a Members’ only program focused on subscriptions and regular attendance. Courses such as Accelerators, Intensives, BootCamps and Dynamic Training don’t necessarily require membership, although you do pay more. Membership for Weekend Practice sessions is required. 


LeftFoot utilizes a Reserve then Enroll process. You can’t just walk up and buy our summer programs from us without being a Student or Member of the Academy. If you are a Student or Member, please use the yellow, Reservation Link to secure your spot.

Summer 2018

The MasterCoach Model allows for 16:5 player to Coach ratio in most programs throughout the summer. Why worry about scheduling when you just enroll in a course?

Summer Preview

What’s happening this summer at LeftFoot? How will your player get the most out of their membership?

Christian Isquierdo

Christian Isquierdo

Master Coach & Founder

Master Coach & Founder, Christian surpassed 10,000 hours of coaching in July of 2017. His passion for instilling a sense of excellence in everything he does is contagious with students, coaches and parents, just saying, “that’s Christian” with a wink and a smile.

Anna Morrison

Anna Morrison

Master Coach Assistant

Anna Morrison, a LeftFoot Hall of Fame Graduate in 2014, returns from University of Minnesota- Duluth to add some “LeftFoot” Coaching to her thousands of hours as a LeftFoot student, intern and coach. With her “E” license in hand, Anna anchored the 2015 Summer Intensives at LeftFoot becoming a “requested” coach. A private student of Christian’s since his “days at the park” in 2009, Anna has been directly coached by Christian in hundreds of techniques that still aren’t part of the normal “Academy” curriculum. She’ll be the Master Coach Assistant this year guiding coaches and parents.

Kaija Eckholm

Kaija Eckholm

Combination Series Coach

Kaija Eckholm, Founder of the Ecks -House was one of the first licensed One on One Coaches as a Senior in High School in 2015. A Hall of Fame Graduate in 2016, Kaija is a “really good instructor because she focuses so well “- and recognizes opportunities where hard work is needed. A fan favorite,  Kaija makes the team better from hard work; slow growth and a great sense of humor.