Age group as of January 1st, 2017: {’01-’97}

The Senior Academy is a small group designed to work with aspiring athletes in the next step of their soccer journey through high school. The program is designed for Sophomore’s through College Juniors to work in a non-contact environment that builds their skills as players and future coaches in the LeftFoot program. {CR & E} 

Academy Series : (November – April) : 75 min | 1 Master Coach | 2 Coaching Partners | 8 Players

Semi-Private Coaching : (April – May) & (September – October ) : 45 min | 1 Master Coach | 6 Players

Tuition Plan Guidelines

  • $275 Membership is not included in Tuition Plan pricing
  • 1,4 or 7 payments for all Senior Academy Tuition Plans (4 payments for the Bronze Tuition Plan)
  • Sessions are distributed on the first of the month, and can be scheduled ahead of time
  • Unused sessions rollover for one month
  • Payments are due on the 1st of the month
  • No sessions are distributed between April and October
Tuition Benefits
  • Guaranteed Scheduling and Prices ( $35/session vs. Seasonal Pricing)
  • Enrollment is random, but Coaching Progressions are consistent
  • Year long programming paid through installments
  • Special benefits; early scheduling access;
  • 20% discounts on the LeftFoot “Fast-Pass”
  • $50 Off EVERY additional Summer Program. 
Tuition Plans

Three plans to choose from, Platinum, Gold and Silver

Designed to meet 26 weeks of Winter I & Winter II programs from November to Mid April

Programming Guidelines: Sessions and “what you might say to your player”

  • Platinum =  30 sessions ( You’ll be going every week, and then some)
  • Gold = 24 sessions ( You’ll miss a couple of weeks, but that’s okay, no pressure to get everything in.)
  • Silver = 18 sessions ( You’ll go every other week and that’s just fine.) 
Summer Coupon

Summer Coupons are allocated toward fixed programs that run through the summer at LeftFoot. Your Summer Coupon must be applied to LeftFoot programs by June 1st of each year. Students can enroll as early as February 15th, 2018. 

  • Summer 2018: June 11th to August 10th
    • Choose from Senior BootCamp (Monday & Wednesday 7:45-9am)
    •  Senior Academy Sessions (Noon-1pm, Monday & Tuesday)
  • Average price for summer programs range from $275 – $849
  • $50 Off for being a LeftFoot 2017 in addition to Summer Coupon. 
New! Winter Premium Reserve

Senior Academy – Premium Winter Reserve Pass 

November through April 

24 sessions ; Pre-booked on the day you want.

Premium based sessions that are booked directly into Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in the Senior Academy sessions. LeftFoot 2017 Membership is required since this is a Tuition Plan with payment options and guaranteed access to the Academy. 
Premium Winter Reserve Pass is a combination of products and services from the LeftFoot6 model created specifically for several customers and moved past the pilot/beta phase as part of the LeftFoot VIII model.
Just add Premium Winter Reserve Pass to your Senior Academy Gold or Silver Tuition Plan at the time of purchase. You’ll be asked for the day of your choice. Learn More


Tuition Plans
  • 18 sessions Winter I & Winter II
  • $210 Summer Coupon for 2018
  • Membership: Required
  • DownPayment: Varies
  • Annual Tuition: $840
  • Estimated Monthly Cost: $159.29/mo. for 7 mos.*


Student Option
  • 24 Sessions Winter I & Winter II
  • Pre-Booked Access
  • Reserve a Day
  • Reschedule missed days 
  • Seasonal Tuition: $840
  • Summer Not Included


Senior Academy