Senior Academy Practicum

A Leadership Transition from Student to Coach. The result? A better player and person.
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Senior Academy & The Foundation Course


Senior Practicum & orientation

Sophomores and Juniors still want to work hard, train, but get really, really busy. Senior Academy Practicums allow for the players to get work experience at the Academy, assist younger players and still get premium access to Christian.

Foundation License Course

With the understanding that our students make our best teachers and coaches, the LeftFoot Foundation Course is designed to allow our Academy students to begin a licensure program to teach One on One Coaching to students ages 9-14 years old.

Foundation Coach Practicum

Coaches need practice too. The Senior Academy Practicum allows our Foundation Coach licensee’s to work within the Master Coach model to assist, develop and practice coaching under the supervision of the Master Coach and Founder, Christian Isquierdo.

One on One Coaching

After 30 hours of coaching practice, the Foundation Coach is licensed to deliver One on One Coaching through the LeftFoot Coaching system, rent the field and develop their own coaching business.

License to Drive, License to Coach

Most clubs and coaching programs throw teenagers to the wolves in recreation programs, and even travel programs. At the age of 16 players learn to drive through a licensing process, why not license them to coach under the supervision of a coach? The LeftFoot Foundation Coach license allows players to learn how to teach, study and instruct the core methodology of the LeftFoot Phenomenal FootSkills™ model.

Coffee or Coaching?

We all know you learn more when you teach someone something — then when you’re just a vessel to be poured into.

Next Generation
“Most of the best LeftFoot coaches over the years have been my best students”, and when they are sophomores and juniors we found that we invested in them as future coaches and young adults looking for their first job, we noticed that when they played in our sessions and then also worked on special projects alongside seniors and juniors and college freshmen; that they got a sense of being engaged with the Academy but at the same time recognizing what might be possible for them at the end of their soccer journey.
Fresh Legs
Thiers not ours.

As coaches, we’ve realized that we need extra players and young fresh legs to step onto the field and get involved. Typically for sophomores and juniors in high school, thinking three steps ahead of when they want to be a senior enrolled into a job and having a summer program or summer job going in the college is kind of far-reaching and far thinking for them.

That’s why we created the Senior Academy Practicum; so that during the sophomore year going into junior year or junior year going into Senior Year students will get 16 hours of barter in exchange for 16 hours of free play and coaching partners. A total of 32 sessions are granted to the player as part of their parents contribution of a Senior Academy Tuition Plan or a minium spend of $750 annually in a variety of ways.

License to Earn, Committment to Learn
To be granted the License to Coach at LeftFoot and earn money the student must be enrolled, attending or have attended and failed testing, the Foundation License Course.

In May of 2016 we will open the course to adults or people who have not been licensed students.

The Foundation Course is 10 hours of on the field learning and testing. Students of the Course practice One on One Coaching of the FootSkills and Movement Series progressions to live students. With video analysis and critque of their peers this 10 hour course in addition to 40 hours (32 sessions)* initiates the Foundation Coach Practicum.

Foundation Practicum
The Foundation Practicum is the first step in the journey of coaching privately and within the LeftFoot Way of Coaching.

Students completing their course work begin the journey to small group coaching while practicing and earning One on One Practicum credits. They start at a minimum placement on the Master Coach fields earning $11/session. They can earn upto 79% of any One on One Coaching session. During their practicum hours (30) they station shifts during the academy for students to ask questions and practice with Youth Academy.

Senior Leadership

The Next Generation of Coaches

Coaching Partners can be anywhere from 15 to 18 years old, ideally they have met prerequisites for courses such as modeling and exemplifying our Quick Six Touch™ and the Foundation Series™ programs, as well as our LeftFoot Low Instep Drive™.  Mastery of both the LF Low Instep Drive™ and the  LF High Lofted Ball™ in game play are required prerequisites for enrollment in the Senior Academy practicum.

During the Senior Practicum experience, we want each student to learn how to schedule, make a committed effort to pay attention to the details of creating a schedule, fulfilling their committment, and supporting a session by not being a distracction. It’s critical that while the coach is trying to get the best out of the session that Senior Academy students are engaged in that session. Our Coaching Partner bring their best effort, paying attention to the details and supporting the coach in ways that allow the coach to freely coach but at the same time not have to play or always demonstrate.

Appply for Senior Practicum

The first step in the Senior Practicum process is to submit an application, so we can learn a little more about our interested players and see how we can help along their journey. Once we receive this information students are free to schedule into an upcoming Senior Practicum Orientation to begin learning more about this opportunity.


Senior Practicum Orientation

The Senior Practicum Orientation is desinged to help provide all of the necessary information for prospective young coaches to learn how to navaigate the Academy as a coach. In this two hour session, students will learn how to schedule their Coaching Partner shifts in Pike13, roles and responsibilities while assisting on the field, as well as field set-ups necessary to assist Junior coaches and the Master Coach. Students must be 16 years of age, or turning 16 within then next few months in order to enroll in an orientation.

Young Players Learn More

Young players need the same attention to detail that Christian provides older players constantly

What do I need to do to get started?

Outlined below are the key steps to becoming a licensed Foundation Coach:

  1. Submit the Senior Practicum Application so we can learn a little more about you.
  2. Enroll into and attend a Senior Practicum Orientation session to gain the necessary information to begin the journey as a Coaching Partner.
  3. Complete volunteer hours as a Coaching Partner.
  4. Enroll into and attend a Foundation License Course.
  5. Complete Foundation Coach Practicum requirements.
  6. Begin running One on One Coaching Sessions!
What if I have to miss a Coaching Partner shift?

If you have have to miss a Coaching Partner shift it is your responsibility to find a replacement to cover for you. After attending the Senior Practicum Orientation, students will be given access to our Slack account, where they are able to message and contact all students who are also in their Senior Practicum. Once a replacement has been found, the students are responsible for making the switch in Pike13.

If the student is unable to find a replacement, they will contact the Member Services Coordinator and notify they were unable to find a replacement.

What is the benefit of Membership?
Our Membership now aligns our premium coaching services, such as One on One Coaching, with our NorthStar Alignment process. NSA was designed to work with premium clients to guide them on the journey of youth soccer and develop goals, hold players accountable and allowed mom and dad to also hold Christian accountable in his development of players. Players that have done NSA are seeing results beyond the field, aligning college goals, career aspirations, fitness goals and personal development. Membership aligns the calls and services off the field to make sure the work on the field counts even more.
How do I use my Coaching Partner Practicum?
During the summer of your Sophomore to Junior and Junior to Senior years, getting a job in the summer is important. Getting extra training on the field is valuable too. Utilizing your opportunities to work as part of our team takes years of mentoring and development to be an Assistant Coach. From one summer to the next we see kids mature, develop, grow, and learn to be valuable leaders and coaches within the Academy. Each of them started with 40 hours of Practicum, volunteer work to experience the Academy, get extra training and apply for jobs when they were done.
Why do I need a License, a course and practicum work?

Over the years, LeftFoot has invested a lot of time and energy in new coaches. We’ve realized that taking the time to allow us to teach what we know, how we do what we do and get the results we get is special, valuable and can benefit players and coaches for their entire career.

We wanted to reverse the trend from hiring and restricting use of the material to licensing and expanding our coaching influence. The paid Foundation Course allows us to focus on instruction of new coaches. Your practicum allows us to mentor you as you instruct within the Academy and build relationships. We also wanted to create a clearly defined process of enrollment to “who gets to be a coach at LeftFoot.”

Once I'm Licensed - Now what?

Once you have your LeftFoot Coaching Foundation License to Coach you will receive the contact information to over 60 students in your FOURZA House. We hope you continue on to the next stage of your learning, the Combination Course Practicum & License, but you’re free to continue to use your license to coach the LeftFoot Way.  Foundation Requirements to progress to the Combination Course Practicum & License are a minimum of 100 hours of coaching in Master Coach Academy Progressions. Foundation Practicum sessions can be utlized as hours toward your Combination Course Practicum. For more details on licensing parameters and requirements search IX.Licensing.


Membership is required for students to participate in the Senior Practicum and Foundation Course Licensing program. Until College, all LeftFoot students are required to enroll in Academy Course work for a minimum of 10 hours a year to maintain Licensure.

Foundation Course

The Foundation Coach course is held June 5th – 8th, 2017

Current practicum students can attend to receive provisional Licensure for the Low Instep Drive as part of the first June Course.

Senior Academy

Senior Academy sessions are, Tuesday or Thursday at 11:30am – 12:30 pm from June 13th – August 11th.

Senior Academy is the best of the best players through the years that have worked at the Academy for a minimum of two years. The application of their techniques go beyond their understanding of what we’re working on that day.

One on One Coaching

Large field, One on One Coaching. As a one time offer this summer for Senior Academy Packages, get two One on One Coaching sessions full field with a Coaching Partner. What’s more is that you might be a Coaching Partner in someone else’s slot too!