For Each Season - A Common Scheduling Paradigm
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Five Seasons

Five Seasons define the Academy Calendar.

While we wish we could offer the same session, every day, we know that Youth Soccer isn’t predictable. Between High School, club, winter training, random practices, other sports, etc; how can you find the time to get “extra training”? It’s hard to know what you can do, and what you can’t. That’s why we try to stay as consistent as possible for you to predict when the seasons will change, when your schedule gets more flexible and when you want exclusive, premium coaching.

Shorter Sessions

Privado = Exclusive Attention

Who doesn’t want a full field, private lesson? In the Fall and Spring seasons the 5:30 time slot is pretty open. That’s why we run our most requested options for our programming. The Privado Scheduling Model allows you more attention with more options to come into the Academy. Members and Student can pre-book and RESERVE these options. 

Academy Series

More time + More Space = Academy Series 

The Academy Series model with 75 minute sessions, 12 dedicated players and 5 coaches allows us the flexibility to be big and small at the same time. Our licensed coaches work within the Master Coach Model to assist, develop and model techniques at LeftFoot. With 12 players and 4 coaches, the Master Coach can move through each sub-group, modifying as we follow the dynamics of the group.