The LeftFoot BootCamp™ is designed as the tough as nails, gritty, grind it out skills training program for the best of the best of the Academy. While working on the tough shot, the hardest skill against the fastest players players just get better by being with better players working on the hardest skills. Sessions alternate between all topics each week.

  • Main tenant of our Summer programming
  • Hard core and tough
  • For those who want to be at the Academy all summer – commitment is key
  • Total of 16 players
  • Specific focus on “upper level” concepts that take players to the next level
Students : $50 OFF Each Purchase* (excludes MasterMind Coaching) 

Members: $50 OFF One Purchase.

BootCamp Schedule:

Every Monday and Wednesday morning (Senior Academy) OR
Tuesday & Thursday (Junior Academy )

7:30am-7:45am: Foam Rolling and any needed warm-ups/stretching; splitting up groups into “soft skills” for the day or “hard skills.”

7:45am-9am: Work-outs! Get stronger and faster and get some touches in with other great soccer players!


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Junior Academy Registrations

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