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LeftFoot Coaching Academy has traditionally been reserved for only our coaching programs. Your team, club and program can now reserve our Main Field Space, weekly, monthly and annually. 


LeftFoot Coaching Academy is a 10,000 square foot indoor soccer facility conveniently located near the intersection of 35W and Hwy 62 (Crosstown) in South Minneapolis.  Ideal for team training, skills development or small 4v4 adult scrimmages.

Open Hours

We use an automatic scheduling system for all of our reserved space. Check out our open spots here. 

Now What?

Training individual players at LeftFoot has been our focus for over seven years. Now we ask, what can you use LeftFoot to do for the community. 


Field Space License

A Field Space License grants the club special permission to utilize the space, within certain conditions of use, during allocated times each month. Team Managers and Team Coaches are encouraged to contact their club administrator to open up a Field Space License with LeftFoot Holdings, LLC. Insurance for independent contractors of the adult responsible for coaching and supervision must be under the legal protection of the Club. 

License Hours

Licensing Hours are open to long term arrangements that grant the user specific and guaranteed times each month for an extended period of time. A Field Space License is not a rental spot for an hour. Shorter term blocks at five week intervals are at the Bronze Pricing Level at a first come first serve basis each month. A five hour minimum is required to reserve a quote. 

Open Hours

The Main Field Space License is available during these times:

  • Monday through Thursday: 9:00am – 3:45pm & 8:00 – 10:00pm (after hours available by request)
  • Friday, Saturday, & Sundays: All Day (8:00am – 10:00pm)
  • For Holiday Pricing, please inquire.

Creature Comforts


Air conditioning,central heating and designed airflow to maximize performance.


Indoor Restrooms

No need to go outside, then inside and back and forth between locker rooms.

Elevated Parent Area

No parents on the side line, they get to watch from above or inside on the couches.

Free WIfi

Little kids get to surf online, mom and dad get some work done too.


Easy Drop Off and Pickup

Drive up to the parking lot where your kids are waiting inside, easy parking too.

Classroom space & Apple TV

Watch video from last weeks game or review YouTube videos using our Apple TV


In order to simplify space demands and keep prices low we only license the space in hourly increments. The overall length of the contract must be with the parent club. We will not issue licenses to teams. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Blackout Certain Dates?

No. We license the field for a specified calendar period, not specific dates, due to the administrative burden of the latter.  To understand your actual rate per day used, simply divide your total contract by the utilized days.  

Can I sublet to others if I can't use the space on the night of my reservation?

No. We vet our licensees’ to ensure they will abide by the policies of the license and have the requisite insurance in place.  

How far in advance can I reserve space?

Our goal is to license the entire facility with 2-3 year licensing deals for every time slot possible. Clubs and Programs that commit to a long term contract have priority over shorter term requests. For a Bronze or Silver package, you can only book up to 45 days in advance of the start date.  For Gold packages, contracts can be secured up to 90 days in advance of the start date.

Can My Team Set Up A Scrimmage?

Yes and no. Yes, you can scrimmage a team from your club in your time slot. Due to liability insurance another team must be a Main Field Licensee for their insurance to cover any injuries or damages at our facility.  Therefore, you can scrimmage within your club, just not against another club. 

Can I Charge for the SPACE?

We do not currently allow second hand transactions of our space to private re-sellers. If your club has a Field Space License for a specific allotment of time we encourage each club to trade slots within their teams as they deem necessary. In the Terms and Conditions of the contract, the Field Space License cannot be exchanged for profit. 

Can I Run Private Sessions or Group Training?

Private coaches, or coaches running private training to members of their team for a fee, cannot rent space from LeftFoot without a License to Coach issued by LeftFoot Coaching Enterprises, LLC.  No additional coaching services or programs can be sold other than the use of the space by a club for the non-profit purposes of coaching their players as part of a team.

Since LeftFoot Coaching Academy has specific clientele that call LeftFoot “home,” our brand of coaching is licensed to  coaches that enroll in courses and teach students using our methods. We encourage interested coaches to inquire about a License to Coach through LeftFoot Enterprises, LLC if they want to leverage our private coaching model of developing players. 

Don't Be Shy

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