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World Class Soccer Academy

Soccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country and every day sees more children taking it up as a sport. This is a golden opportunity for your child to get into peak physical fitness and learn valuable social skills along the way. We’re not just another “club” that promises the world and only delivers an expensive daycare service, we’re a genuine academy with a passion for soccer and a desire to help the players of tomorrow.


If your child is showing a real interest in the sport, then we’re here to help them develop their abilities to a professional standard. Playing soccer is not just a great way to build up physical strength and stamina; it’s also highly beneficial to critical thinking abilities and other skills that’ll serve your child for life.


These sessions are designed to get the most out of your player as possible—but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fun. Most children find they’ve been bitten by the bug after their first session of making friends, learning new skills and seeing real results; they’ll be begging to come back!


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State of the Art Facilities

When your child attends Left Foot Coaching, they’re not just getting a standard training pitch with torn-up grass. They’re entering a fully-featured facility which includes state of the art training equipment which allows them to perform at their best while staying safe. Here’s just a few of the pieces of equipment your child will find when they arrive:

Ball Rebounders

Ball return equipment ensures that our players are able to get more training out of each session by removing the need to go and collect the ball after each practice shot. It might not sound like much, but small touches like this are exactly how our players experience such a rapid level of improvement in their games.

Private Studio

We look at every aspect of the game, and our built-in gym facilities allow our players to receive an all-round workout that keeps them at the top of their game. There’s no better place for people to hone their motor skills to build upon an already-great foundation.

Artifical Turf




Assume Less Space & Seek Efficiency

by Master Coach | Creative BallStriking Session

The Solution

The Academy Trial Application


We want to work with players and families that are committed to becoming the best players they can be, and they are willing to be held accountable to learning and mastering skills.
  •  4 sessions to randomly schedule into our group programming
  • 1 Coaching Design Call – to discuss your player, share observations, develop a coaching plan of action
  • 1 Coaching Design Interview – to go over the plan of action – make recommendations for future programming.

The Academy Trial Application is something we’ve done for over seven years to work with new families and new players. It works to develop a relationship, offer you a chance to try us out and see for yourself why we get results.

The Coaching Process


Our coaches are some of the finest available. They’ve all got a passion for the sport and will do everything in their power to help young players who maintain a great can-do attitude while they’re playing. They’ll teach your child advanced techniques and always offer them a new challenge to work towards.

As well as game techniques, your player’s going to learn how they can come up with strategies on the pitch, communicate effectively with other players and adapt to change rapidly. All of this means your child isn’t just going to act like a soccer player, they’re going to think like one too—which is where professionals are made.

We give your child the tools they need to succeed immediately after the first session. We’ll pay close attention to their strengths and weaknesses and provide them with a personally-tailored program to follow. We’ll deliver this program in the form of a phone call, as well as providing them with an assessment video that highlights the key learning points.


Why Choose Us?


Aside from our years’ of experience in soccer coaching, we’ve developed a solid reputation for going above and beyond for our players. Your child isn’t just learning a sport, they’re learning new skills that they’ll be able to put to good use for the rest of their lives. Is a soccer scholarship on your child’s radar? Book them in for a few trial sessions with us and have peace of mind that they’ll get spotted when the time comes.

So other than soccer skills, what will your child benefit from when they start attending our sessions?

  •      Self Confidence and Leadership – You don’t get great at soccer without picking up a few life skills along the way. Whether it’s speaking up more and giving commands, or simply having more belief in themselves, you’ll soon start to see your child flourish into a self-confident young adult. 
  •      Club Team – The chances of being picked at the club tryouts will greatly increase when your child starts attending our sessions regularly. While the other children spent all summer doing virtually nothing, your young player will have been socialising, exercising and perfecting their technique. We’ve seen that players who attend 16-32 times during the summer greatly increase their chance to move up a level in their club. 

·      Peak Physical Fitness – The constant running and exercising means your child’s going to be physically fit in no time. This is great for their self esteem, especially during that often-awkward transition into middle school. Set their standard of fitness high now, and they’ll be set for a health and well-balanced life later on.



” I just needed to let you know that our daughter (age 14) scored her first goal over the weekend.  My husband and I immediately looked at each other and said, I guess we’ll be joining LeftFoot! This may not mean much to many players or parents of LeftFoot, but to our daughter and us — it meant the world.  It wasn’t so much that she scored the goal, it was the newfound confidence and drive with which she played that impressed us. The goal was just the icing on the cake!

Parent in Trial

Eden Prairie, U14 Girl

Not sure if you get tired of hearing it, but every time we leave LeftFoot after a session (e.g. last Sunday night) Brendan is just glowing as he describes how good the training was and how much fun he had.  It’s like a fantasy world to him, an idealized version of what soccer should be. You really are very good at what you do.

Andrew Flood

Brendan, U12-U16 Academy Student

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Start a paid Academy Trial Application and attend four sessions April through June 9th.

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Who’s It For?

Let’s be frank here: It’s not for everyone. That’s not to say we’re going to be mean-spirited or unfair to our players. We won’t, however, tolerate poor sportsmanship in our games.

With that said, we’ll go above and beyond to help any player who shows a passion for the sport and demonstrates a real sense of accountability. Background doesn’t matter, and anyone who demonstrates a good attitude is more than welcome to train with us.

We’re not worried about your child’s ability, our trial session is to find out if the sport is something they want to pursue. If they do, we’ll give them all the tools they need to succeed. They don’t need to be on the school team or come from years of experience, all that matters is that they have that burning desire to be the best they possibly can.

As a Parent:

This isn’t a daycare service—this is a real chance for your child to open doors and gain access to new possibilities. With that in mind, you’ll need to show the same commitment and dedication as your child does, ensuring they’re dropped off on time and given the best possible chance of building up their skill set.


As we said, it’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, a chance for real, tangible results, then look no further. If you’re still reading this page then we want to hear from you and your child.

So You Are Ready To Do This!? Really?

Check your schedule.

Review Schedule

Check Your Schedule & Ours!

Be sure we’re accepting Trial Applications and that you can attend Monday – Thursday at the specific time. During October – April we have to limit space to our dedicated members, actually, we prefer to work with our members who support us, and then we try to fit you in. (you’d want the same treatment, right?)

Be sure to know if your player fits in the Youth, Junior or Senior Academy progression, see if there’s space in your schedule and ours, then continue. 

Check our schedule

Depending on the Season

Are we open?

What Time Is It?

Game time, huh! Actually, depending on the time of the year we don’t accept random Trial Applications to the Academy, then during the summer we only accept Applications for Membership through the LeftFoot Accelerators. (That’s a camp, sorry, gotta do that in the summer.) But really, we make it a really cool experience for the new kids. 

Seriously, check the enrollment seasons! And know that there’s a good time to be the new kid, and a not so good time. 

Open Season

Enrollment Seasons

Review the Terms

Review Terms & Conditions

Review Our Terms & Conditions of Coaching Services. 

You’re not special. You don’t get special exceptions to our policies. We don’t exchange, refund, extend, credit, trade or whatever else you want us to try to do. We coach soccer. We’re good at it. We get results. Don’t buy something and then want special treatment because you think your player is the next greatest thing. Actually, we already train the next greatest thing and they don’t get special treatment either. 

Check it out


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Once you fill in the form with “Your Story” we’ll send off all the data and have it migrated into our scheduling service, Pike13. You’ll receive a Welcome Home email with a login for you, the parent. Your player or players will have separate accounts. We’ll apply four Trial: “Your Age” Academy Series sessions to your dashboard in about 24 hours. 


Book a Trial

It’s understandable that you want to be sure your child is the right fit for us—and vice versa—which is why we offer a block of four trial sessions to newcomers. It’s a chance to test the waters without committing to anything long term—and it’s also a great idea for a birthday present for your young player.

We operate on a four-session system for a few reasons:

  •      It allows your child to get to know the other players as well as the staff.
  •      There’s time to iron out the kinks and get past those first-day nerves.
  •      It’s a chance for you and your child to see just how quickly their abilities will improve.

Contact us today on612-545-5273 to find out more or contact a House Coordinator. Spaces are limited, so register early.

We Think of Everything

We’ll give you a chance to tell us your story, but first we want to see your player jump into the Academy. And remember, we’ve done this a lot, so we know it’s your first time. 

Membership builds the Academy for Everyone