Scheduling that extra day of quality touches.

LeftFoot started with the idea of Access, Opportunity and Flexibility for every player to get the best coaching, competition and chance to get better without having to worry. Working with the elite players of the state and managing a high level traveling team allowed us to figure out some core principles of scheduling dedicated players with busy schedules.

Our Core Values ask us to envision the best possible solution for a facility, great coaches, and great families to all have the best chance to dedicate themselves to having the chance to workout together. It’s not how we do what we do, it’s why we do what’s right for you.


Random Packs

The Weekend Practice Pass allows players and families maximum flexibility for 24 sessions through the course of the year. This 24 pack can be used back to back every Saturday and Sunday. Since players and families can use it up to 8 times a weekend, this can go pretty fast! Learn more about the Weekend Practice sessions.


Tuition Plans

Guaranteed Access to the Academy Series sessions.  Tuition Plans allow players and families to schedule into regular sessions at a guaranteed price and access.  Most families enroll in classes weekly, but their monthly payment plans allow for standard pricing throughout the year. Tuition Plans range from 3-5 sessions a month with a two month rollover. For more information click here. 


Reserved Premium Coaching.

Done with you: The LeftFoot Privado™, MasterMind Coaching™ and Academy Reserve Plans™ are geared toward players and families that want exclusive access and dedicated scheduling for their supplemental coaching. Members Only. Fees Apply. Schedule a Member Guidance Call for Premium Service. 

Pick a Day

Any Day. 

We might offer something. Master Coach, Christian Isquierdo, runs Academy programs Monday – Thursday. Foundation and Combination Series coaches offer spots on their own to private clients and small groups. Just pick a day, there might be something. Check the schedule here.

Common Questions

When can I attend?

Really, it’s up to you. Our schedule tries to increase maximum flexibility during the parts of the season that you want it. Weekends are the most flexible when any player can attend any of the Weekend Practice sessions with a Membership and/or a Weekend Pass. Students on Tuition Plans can attend any of the Weekday Master Coach sessions based on their Academy Divisions ( Youth, Junior, Senior).

What's Recommended?

When should I attend?

We recommend once a week for guaranteed results in the Academy Coaching program Monday – Thursday from October to April. We understand that people miss, get sick and can’t make some sessions. That’s where the Weekend Practice sessions come into play. Students can use their sessions during the week or weekend. Members on Weekend Premium Plan can only attend Weekends.

How should I Start?

Getting Started is Hard.

We know you just want a simple answer. Like it’s on Tuesday’s! But development of great athletes and soccer players could be everyday. Or when that coach is open to work with you on Saturday during the Fall Season. That’s why we recommend starting a Trial Application. We’ll book you into the next Saturday session for FootSkills or Speed and Awareness Training to assess you. Once you get in and experience our coaching style and methods every thing will make a bit more sense to you.

I can only attend on Tuesday.

Reservations Necessary

If that’s the case we can’t guarantee you that specific time slot won’t be booked and reserved already, but the earlier you start and know your schedule the better we can guarantee a reservation. We typically reserve our Platinum students for free, our Gold and Silver Tuition Students may pay extra fees. (typically $35 processing plus any additional sessions needed for once a week reservations). 

Why is this so hard?

Seasons change.

Seasons change, schedules change and kids change. Every week during the year there’s a little subtle difference in how you can manage your kids’ schedule and what’s available. We try to make it as easy as possible. But it’s not like a weekend in May is equal to a weekend in October. Nor is the week before tryouts as empty as the last week in August! So we have to adjust our programs to match the seasonal rhythms.

Do I need to be a Member to attend a session?

Membership is Required.

Yes, we do require a Membership with a Subscription Plan to support our programming and create opportunities for coaches to know that they have clients that want to schedule with them on a regular basis. The more members we have the more flexible we can be in terms of coaching sessions, small group sessions and one to one coaching options.

II. First Touch Opportunities

Get started at LeftFoot. Choose from Academy Applications Fall through Spring.

Coaching Based on Evaluation, Assessments and Interviews.

We want to give you the best programming that we can deliver. What's right for that person isn't right for your player. We don't design based on age, we coach a player where they are at and where they want to go.


One to One Scheduling

One to One Coaching Schedule and how to