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There’s many ways to be at LeftFoot now; if you want our guidance, start a Trial Application and we’ll give you our advice based on seeing your player. 

The Challenge

Expand and Contract without excluding anyone.

We are a seasonal option in youth soccer. During parts of the year there’s more demand for our services than in others. 6:30 pm on a Tuesday in September is no where near as in demand than in November or March.
At the same time, we can start at 7:30 am once school is out and we also want to enjoy our summer evenings when our students are performing with their club teams.
We can can expand to work with more kids in the summer than we can in the winter. There’s only so many kids we can work with Monday – Thursday from 4pm – 8pm November through April. 


Our Solution

Three Tiers of Participation

We stumbled upon the solution. When we cancelled our LeftFoot6 Annual Membership program in October of 2016 we opened LeftFoot to the “open market” for the first time in our nine year history. At that point our prices of $30/session resulted in full sessions through November without enough coaching support to predict attendance, or guarantee a staffing model. 

We didn’t know some of the people that came through the door! We wanted to create a reason to make sure we were coaching certain students but we also wanted to keep the doors open to the general market to buy our excess capacity when it existed. We also wanted to keep the options to discount services to a certain clientele, but not everyone. In 2017, we rebuilt the Academy utilizing these three tiers of participation: Clients, Members & Students. 


The Open Market


You can participate as a CLIENT.

During certain points in the season you can order summer programs, purchase individual sessions and attend sessions as a Client. Openings for clients range in price and availability.  Clients are not guaranteed space unless they book into sessions themselves and pre-book with single sessions. Customer support is limited to our online help center.

Clients may not reserve pre-booked services such as Semi-Private Coaching Reserve Plans, The LeftFoot Privado™ or participate in  MasterMind Coaching. Clients are last and most expensive to any openings within our featured programs. If you want to speed your entry into private coaching design, we will always recommend you invest in an evaluation through what we refer to as a Trial Application. 


Open Access

Members of LeftFoot support our mission, get second choice on exclusive services and have access to 10% discounts on The LeftFoot “Fast-Pass”. Members also receive $50 OFF any Summer Program. 

Members also have access to Coaching Guidance, support services, scheduled phone calls and the NorthStar Alignment Coaching Service. All Reserve Plans for Academy Series, Semi-Private Coaching, The LeftFoot Privado™, and MasterMind Coaching are available to LeftFoot Members.

Membership is required for all students interested in participating in the LeftFoot Senior Practicum and is required of students participating in the Senior Academy Practicum Course until they receive their Foundation Coach Licensure.

Membership is open to any and all students interested in participating at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. 

Guaranteed Access

Above & Beyond

“do for every player, what you did for mine.” – father of graduating college player who was cut at c3 when she was U11.

At LeftFoot we go above and beyond the experience on the field into the relationship between coaching, the player and the family experience. Our Students apply for 48 spots in each Academy Progression (Youth, Junior & Senior Academy).

These Students from across the state have special access to LeftFoot services including 20% Off the LeftFoot “Fast-Pass” as well as guaranteed prices for Winter I & II pricing at $35/session for most packages. With extended expiration dates for sessions (2 months), Students of the Academy have greater Access, Opportunity and Flexibility to attend LeftFoot anywhere between 24-48 sessions a year. Students enroll in Summer Programs in February, a full month before Members, and two months prior to Clients with Summer Coupons that are part of their Student Tuition Plan.

Interested parties must apply for Student Membership through the Academy Trial Application for acceptance into a Student Tuition Plan in order to be eligible for enrollment. During the Summer Programming Season, applicants can utilize an Accelerator, Intensive or BootCamp to eligible for August or November enrollment. Student Enrollment is four times a year; January 1st, February 1st, August 1st, and November 1st. Enrollment is for one year.

Teams Change Every Year

Lefties make their mark in a community


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