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Participating at LeftFoot

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Academy Trial Application

Start your “First Touch” with an introductory 4 session experience. 

Private coaching for your player at LeftFoot begins with our initial consultation and assessment of your player through the Academy Trial Application. Your player visits the academy (4 sessions) and you schedule two phone calls with our team to find the best path to developing your player within our Great Player Model of Development. Our Master Coach will design a Coaching Design Plan for you and your Coaching Coordinator to follow for the Academy Year until August. Upgrade to the Ultimate Trial Experience for 2 One to One Coaching sessions. (Required)

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Second Step - Enrollment

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The Academy Membership Fee is an annual fee that helps our community stay afloat and provides greater purchasing discounts for every family. For $24/month, you are contributing to bathrooms, air conditioning in the summer, water, scheduling, heat and parking. You can schedule planning and development for your player with our coaches as part of your program. Your Membership Fee also provides 2 Academy Visits for ANY CLASS through the year, great for high school and college players. Schedule a North Star Alignment consult with your Master Coach anytime through the year. Members can enroll for their first year requirements during the Trial Application.  (Required)


First Year Requirements

Monthly Enrollment

Membership Minimums and Requirements

In order to sustain the Academy through the years we’ve learned that a monthly subscription is essential to keeping the doors open and student engagement consistent. Dedicating yourself to improvement doesn’t just happen in one week. It’s something that takes months of time to stay focused toward your goals. We offer two simple monthly plans. . We’ve found that having a One to One Coaching session each month for the first year to “check in” and orient new players is part of our “best practices” to get the results we deliver. (Required)


Your First Year

Academy Students

Added Participation

Weekday Master Coach Model

Students of the Academy study directly with the Master Coach, Monday through Thursday with four assistants and no more than 12 other players in their respective divisions. Youth Academy is the only division that is based on age. Junior and Senior Academy have specific skill requirements to orient their curriculum. The Student Tuition Plan is an invite only program that is required to have a Membership Interview to verify that the parent can fulfill the requirements necessary to schedule and manage their year long demands of participation. Students enroll in the Winter I, Winter II and Summer programs through a 1, 5, or 7 month payment schedule. Fulfillment of services are scheduled based on peak seasons of participation.  (Invite only) 

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Option #2 Great for Beginners or Super Busy Families

First Step is Membership

Members Only

Academy Membership

The Academy Membership Fee is an annual fee that helps our community stay afloat. For $24/month, you are contributing to bathrooms, air conditioning in the summer, water, heat and parking. As well as planning and development for your player. As part of the Membership Fee you can use 2 Academy Visits for ANY CLASS through the year or schedule a North Star Alignment consult with your Master Coach.

Members can enroll at any time during their Trial Application. 



Just Enough

Weekends Only

Weekends Only 

Some players aren’t ready for the full commitment of the Academy at the Student level and we understand that. We created the Weekend Seasonal Pass and Annual Pass for just that reason knowing that some players need to have a lot of flexibility for a discounted price. Membership + Weekend Plans + Seasonal Plans = a Member that is at either end of the bell curve, maybe they are just starting LeftFoot or still want to stay involved occasionally without a full commitment. For $84/month and a Seasonal Weekend Pass that lasts 3-4 months your student can participate in just the Weekend Practice Sessions.*

(Required: Trial, Membership and Weekend Plan)

Weekend Practice

Summer Enrollment

Get "Summer Training"