Academy Membership

The Challenge

Becoming the best soccer player is up to the player and the parents

…and no club in the state will serve players over the status of their teams… but players need a place to train, to play, to practice and no club, dome, camp or facility is solely devoted to allowing players to practice how and when they can.
Parents have to manage the development of their child from one year to the next.LeftFoot Coaching Academy was designed to be a guide along the youth soccer journey and an anchor for all players and families trying to take their game to the next level.


The Solution

We are solely devoted to players.

LeftFoot Coaching’s mission is to be a soccer home where dedicated soccer players can come to develop their skills without worrying about winning, playing time, favoritism or tactical handcuffs. Expert, youth oriented coaching that focuses on building excellent technical skills in a challenging yet positive psychological and athletic development manner creates the foundation of everyones success. Membership supports all the functions of the Academy, planning, development, curriculum, administration and facilities. We strive to create additional resources but rely on providing exceptional coaching services as part of our Membership fee of $275/year.


Teams Change Every Year

Lefties make their mark in a community


Master Coach


Coaches Per Session

Dear Fellow Soccer Enthusiasts,

My name is Christian Isquierdo, and as the founder of LeftFoot Coaching Academy I want to invite you to be a part of something unique, extraordinary and special… When I returned from South Africa in 2010 I envisioned creating a soccer home for all players regardless of club, level, team or school to have a place where they could call home.

I wanted to create an opportunity for players to have something of their own. What if… Players never had to worry about getting cut, getting benched for making mistakes or being developed to just win games.

What if… there were no tryouts, no teams or clubs and no scores, status or records. What if… We created a place that was focused just on all out training, hard work and a kick-butt attitude that each player develops a confidence and personality that says I’m going to “work hard, rest well and be special.” Well in October 2010 we did.

Over 40 players funded and built LeftFoot Coaching Academy in a 10,000 square foot facility and called it home. Seven years later, (ten, if you include 3 years in a park and in gyms!) when LeftFoot almost closed we rebuilt our Membership with the support of our extended community. We’ve had our ups and downs through the years, expanding to over 450 clients and 26 employees. 

 Now for the first time in the Academy’s ten year history we are focused on NOT expanding our HOURS and thus limiting how many soccer players have the opportunity to train at LFC for just under $200 per month whereas our prices have always been over $300/month for some of our programs! We’ve made the Academy a lifestyle of one Master Coach and about a hundred players to rebuild a community. 

We’ve grown so due to word of mouth, referrals and being great that we are able to offer our entire community an opportunity to join our movement.

Now, seven years later, I surpassed 10,000 hours of coaching in the Academy. A milestone that used to be a goal. Yet, every student, every soul, that walks into the academy, may just be another student, but for me, is another chance to make an impact in the life of a child. 

I ask you if are you ready for us to rebuild and join us as we …


Focus On Quality


One to Many

Membership allows us to do for many what we’d do for just one. With two NorthStar Alignment sessions each year with the family and the student we allow coaching to exist off the field as well as between the ears.

Member Resources

Members get access to additional resources online related to programming, curriculum goals, and coaching access. Members get $50 Off Summer Programs as well as 5% Off Fast-Pass sessions.

House Rules

The Four Houses of LeftFoot as well as Academy T-Shirts for Members will be part of the ongoing development of creating community for players to exist outside the walls of the Academy.

How many of the following concerns have you had during your player’s youth soccer career?

  • lack of touches
  • over emphasis on passing
  • over emphasis on winning
  • line drills
  • running laps
  • harsh lectures
  • no integration of movement, coordination development, agility, etc.
  • high ratios of players to ball activities, i.e, 12 players to 1 ball
  • Players thrown away from clubs that were supposed to be developing them!?

If so, you are not alone.  But what can you do about it?

  • Membership 65%
  • Summer Program Capacity 89%
  • NorthStar Alignment 45%
  • Promotions to another level 60%

The Results Were Amazing

In October of 2016 I thought we had sold the building, just before the winter season we let everyone know, LeftFoot was closing. And then, we didn’t. The sale fell through and while holding the secret for months, I laid down the “Nine Regrets” — things I didn’t accomplish or do that contributed to burn out and lack of sustainablity of a business/community treasure. In January of 2017, a partnership was formed and LeftFoot emerged stronger than ever. We finished our Summer as one of the best and strongest summers’ ever.

“Each Summer our family attends conservatively 30-40 soccer games throughout the state, some we’re participating in and some we just watch for fun.   The trend that we all have noticed is that there are very few special players and even fewer special teams.
One constant we’ve noticed whether we’re in Blaine, Eagan, Lakeville, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Woodbury, or any other community, is that we’ve encountered a large percentage of the most “special” players at LeftFoot Coaching Academy.
These “Lefties” are playing with speed, passion, skill, and using great technique.  From their awareness on the field, to using multiple surfaces to control the ball, to dribbling out of trouble the common thread is “creativity”.   I believe that this “creativity” stems from learning in an environment where they are asked to give their best, make their mistakes at full speed, and try new skills to add to their “bag of tricks”.
The confidence these “Lefties” show with the ball at their feet is evident within just a few minutes of watching them move on the field; a confidence that has grown from being shown the proper techniques and encouraged to grow as a player by making the move their own through combinations or simply adding their own special flair.
The difference is evident in all the games we have witnessed, from the 6 v 6, to 8 v 8, and finally the 11 v 11 full field games.  LeftFoot Coaching Academy is making an impact and helping to grow a confident, creative generation of soccer players–keep up the great work!”
Bill Cade

Parent, Hannah “Mouse”(u14 MTA ECNL) & Maggie (u11 MTA)

We Rethought Everything

Membership builds the Academy for Everyone

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