A Soccer Home

For Every Player, Every Age and (almost) Every Night.

Our players stay for years not just six weeks or the winter session.
That’s why, when you walk in the doors, it’s like coming home. We’re a safe haven of skill, coaching and development along the journey of youth soccer.
We run small group coaching sessions every night designed to build maximum touches, attention and challenges for each player. Our diversity is our strength. Our programming is original. Our brand of players are renown.
There are no tryouts, no throw-away players and no games to prepare and win, our values guide everything we do. Each player is guided to become the best player no matter their initial level of play.
Our focus is on creating Mentally Tough Players that are physically strong, technically fast and self-aware of their process. More players are promoted to higher level teams at LeftFoot Coaching Academy than any other program.

It’s just about players.

 It’s about YOU.

LeftFoot is a club-free environment where players are barred from wearing “club wear”, promoting or recruiting to join specific teams or levels of play. LFC is designed to be a “soccer home”™ for players to always have a place to play no matter their club, team or school.
There are no pressures to win, no fears of getting benched or politics of who get’s to play or who gets the ball. It’s a genuine environment designed to take your individual game to the next level. We don’t form tournament only teams, recruit to our “community club” or promote players our high school programs to tell them “they’ll make Varsity” if they do this and that.

Above & Beyond

In fact, our players succeed above and beyond parents’ expectations!

Players dedicated to their own personal development come to the LeftFoot Coaching Academy to develop into special players.
They go back to their community clubs and shine.
Each week there are over 12 different sessions available: Academy sessions for different levels of players including special sessions for Ball Striking, Footskills, Spatial Awareness and Aerial Warfare! Each class is limited to either 8-12 players, but prime time spots may open to 12 players from time to time. Our scheduling to provide a home for everyone is seasonal, so don’t expect April to be like June or September to be like January. 

It's an Experience

Our Academy is based on establishing a personal relationship with the coaches, and then practicing skill development with a cohort of individuals. Since there are so many offerings every player gets to choose when they want to train, how often, and what they want to develop based on a curriculum designed to elevate players to the highest level of play that they can attain.

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