Foundation Series: One to One Coaching


Foundation Series Classes are designed for our first year players to study FootSkills and Multi-Directional Speed and Agility, The Core Principles of LeftFoot’s Foundation Series programming is at the root of the programming for players aged 9-14. Our first year, Foundation Series Coaches have over 40 hours of coaching experience at LeftFoot and a minimum of 200 hours of student participation. Learn from players who learned at LeftFoot themselves.

Classes are 30 minutes. 

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Join our freshly minted Academy coaches together with Master Coach Christian Isquierdo as they teach basic and advanced skills that make great soccer players in a private 30 minute class. We offer two types of one on one coaching classes this summer (Foundation Series and Combination Series) to address issues that your player have with movement, technique, strength or coordination.


  • Over 20 time slots this summer;
  • Only $30/session, which is one of the lowest per session fees in the state;  
  • 30 minute-sessions for play and practice;


  • The chance to take advantage of the Academy’s exclusive theory & model, which Christian developed during his 20 years of coaching;
  • Focus on small aspects of the game that make a big difference;
  • Custom progression based on your player’s skill level to accelerate their acquisition of new knowledge techniques;


  • Back-to-back Foundation Series and Combination Series schedules;
  • Schedule and reschedule at your convenience using Pike13 (cancellation policy applies);
  • Choose sessions that best fit your player’s schedule;

Kindly note that while you would want your player to spend more time at the Academy or work harder on their advancement, not every kid needs one on one coaching. If you’re interested to enroll your child in a one on one coaching class, please approach our friendly coaches for an evaluation.