Practice isn’t Perfect, But This Is.

Our Practice Pass Allows for Players and Families to get the most out of LeftFoot.

We now refer to the Practice Pass as a “bump” of sessions designed to give you maximum flexibility through one or two seasons in the Academy. You can practice all your Deadly BallStriking, Spatial Awareness, Aerial Warfare, and Phenomenal FootSkills every Saturdays and Sundays for a variety of prices based on your Membership. 

Practice Pass Packages
SessionsPer sessionPackage PriceStudent DiscountStudent Package PricePrice per sessionMember Package PriceMember DiscountPrice per session


Seasonal Dates


Season Purchased

Fall I

Winter II


Start Date





End of Winter I

End of Spring I

End of Fall I





Use the Practice Pass Every Day

The Practice Pass is designed to allow you to attend "back to back" sessions to focus on FootSkills, or BallStriking or any of the other classes we have that week!

  • Senior Academy Classes are excluded from the Practice Pass. 
  • Winter I : September 1st - December 31st, Visits expire January 22nd. 
  • Winter II: January 1st - April 22nd; Visits expire June 9th.
  • Summer:  May 1st - August 1st; Visits expire November 1st. 


Prepare for the Season the LeftFoot Way

Players shouldn’t feel the pressure to perform while practicing. It’s one of the reasons we’ve developed the Master Coach Model so that players could attend classes for two hours instead of 75 minutes. Between time off for Goalie Wars, juggling, ball skills and Walking BallStrikes (ugh) we recognized that the cost of the session was adding more pressure for our players to “perform” and “get it right”. Now that players have some more financial freedom to fail, we have more chances to work with them.

Practicing Just Became More Affordable

One of the core concepts of LeftFoot is that, our students are not here to “pay to play.” We experimented with embedding certain Academy concepts into another to maximize each session. Thus Fourza integrates with the Weekend Pass to support future coaches supporting current players.  

The cost of the package covers 24 sessions, which means you get to pay less than $30.00 per session for the entire year. Go back to back, or make your own camp. Go three sessions in a row. You can do that eight more times if you want. But you’re going to learn, you’re going to practice. We’re still going to follow the same methodology. 


III. Core Programs - 28. Practice Pass

Start on Saturday, stay for another class, come back Sunday and stay for another class - only with the Practice Pass.

Perfect practice makes perfect technique. But how can you practice if opportunities are so limited? The Seasonal Weekend Pass, or Practice Pass allows Members and Students the opportunity to attend LeftFoot for less than $20/visit, as well as stay for back to back one hour classes every day.