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It is inevitable for every player and parent for their enthusiasm from the previous season ebb into the reality of the team orientation of Minnesota youth soccer. Our Minneapolis soccer training facility is a no-club environment where each practice is judgement-free and a completely enjoyable time for your kid.

Start on the LeftFoot!

With over 100 students of all ages we try to make sure we meet you where you are during the season you need support. 

Seasons change at LeftFoot. Enrolling in private coaching in the Fall is a lot different than in the Spring. Start with one course and finish with another.

One Week Intro

Our Accelerator Course introduces new students and clients to our technical theories.

Online Orientation

Enroll in an online webinar to meet Christian and learn about the LeftFoot mission and philosophy of coaching.

Academy Trial Application

Apply for Student Membership through the Academy Trial Application.

One on One Coaching

Drop-in, register for a class or make an appointment with your favorite instructor

Coaching Design

Receive coaching design recommendations through interviews or phone calls with your House Leader or House Coach.

Foundation Series Footskills

Footksills for the Foundation Series. Enter in the world of Movement, Speed and Quickness with a Ball.

Two Week Intensives

Study everything LeftFoot teaches in two weeks. A great introduction for first year students under 14.

Weekly Reservations

For Premium Students we reserve weekly sessions to work with a coach.

Drop-in Schedules

Academy Coaching works to develop the player over the course of an entire year. Our most dedicated students attend weekly.

Practice & Games

Soccer isn’t all about training. there’s practice and games we need to attend. Learn more about FOURZA and Weekend Practices.

Licensing Options

We license our content, education, field and coaches to support your team, community or services that want great coaching.


Login for Upgrades, Design and Course registration

Utlize your Membership to our special Parents Review Section. Get access to your child's development recommendations as well as past guidance and stories from Christian and other parents on the journey through youth soccer.


Easy As 1…2…3…

Refer a friend to join with the LFCFriend Promo code and enroll in the Academy Trial Application for $97.

Free Courses

Phenomenal FootSkills. Learn about how LeftFoot teaches a method of touching the ball, seeing the space and liberating FootSkills!

Premium Courses

High Lofted Ball. The Chip Shot.

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