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Academy Orientation, Summer Recommendations, The LeftFoot Privado & MasterMind FOURZA

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Spring 2018 Class Schedule for Parents

Academy Orientation

Orient yourself to the principles of the Academy. Why we do the things we do and how the seasons work with registration. What does it mean to be a student or a member? Submit questions online prior to webinar. Live. Monthly. Second Sunday. 

Sundays 7pm-8pm

With Christian Isquierdo

Summer Planning

Plan your summer with Christian in 25 minutes. Find your students recommendations, go through highlights and planning for the students and members of the Academy. Live. Monthly. Second Sunday of the month.

Sundays 8pm-9pm

With Christian Isquierdo

Summer Programming Preview

Go through LeftFoot VIII and find tricks and pointers on how the Summer will work with over 16 licensed coaches in Minnesota and the surrounding area. Find out about the Privado, Back in the Park, our Membership Drive, and what all the fuss is about FOURZA.

Weekdays 1pm-2pm

With Christian Isquierdo

Academy Trial Application – Opportunities

While anyone can become a member, not everyone can become a Student of the Academy. Students receive special access to learning modules, coaching design, and recommendations for development within the FOURZA MasterMind program. Your Academy Trial Application is required to become a Student of the Academy. 

Tuesdays 3pm-4pm

With Dylan & Christian

Coaching the Mind of the Youth Athlete

This orientation to the LeftFoot Way is designed for parents and coaches alike to understand how to develop well rounded athletes who want to increase their overall success through the seasons. 

Wednesdays 9pm-10pm
With Christian Isquierdo

MasterMind Coaching – FOURZA Preview

MasterMind Coaching brings the Leftfoot Techniques to the actual game. Did you ever wondering how to play Aerial Warfare in an 8v8 context? What about the Triord Offense that we run? What does that look like in a competitive situation like the “real game”? Join the FOURZA Preview and find out where our “games” will be starting in May. 

Creative Series BallStriking Test 

The Academy has three milestones in a players’ development. The Low Instep Drive in game play for Combination Series, the Release Techniques in game play and the Creative Series BallStriking Test. Learn more about why the Creative Series BallStriking Test should be required at every club. Expore some of  the unique techniques that are derived from the martial arts directly with Christian. 

Online Webinar

With Christian

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Become a Member and Get Discounts & Priority Registration for Any Class

25% of your Membership fee is applied for House budgets and opportunities for the FOURZA players to enrich their community and develop projects. Each House has a service project to LeftFoot & the community to give back through soccer. Your membership supports their efforts to build a better world through the game.