Our Weekend Pass was designed to give you more time and flexibility to practice all the techniques that you’ve learned during your Master Coach sessions. For just $624 to $720 this summer, you can practice all your Deadly BallStriking, Spatial Awareness, Aerial Warfare, and Phenomenal FootSkills every Saturdays and Sundays.

To be an ultimate player, you have to be able to dominate all these skills. The Weekend Pass allows you to study each individual move in a particular time slot, then choose if it fits your schedule. Get your passes below.

Practicing Just Became More Affordable

One of the core concepts of LeftFoot is that, our students are not here to “pay to play.” We experimented with embedding certain Academy concepts into another to maximize each session. Thus Fourza integrates with the Weekend Pass to support future coaches supporting current players.  

The cost of the package covers 24 sessions, which means you get to pay less than $30.00 per session for the entire year. Go back to back, or make your own camp. Go three sessions in a row. You can do that eight more times if you want. But you’re going to learn, you’re going to practice. We’re still going to follow the same methodology. 

End the Weekend Right

You’ve worked extremely hard during the weekdays, and now, you can focus on getting better at your own pace. On Saturdays, choose between Deadly BallStriking or Phenomenal FootSkills for our morning time slots then come Sunday, play Fourza with your friends. 


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