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About The LeftFoot Way of Coaching

“One to One Coaching is at the heart of LeftFoot’s model. I started only doing one to one coaching as a way to work with players long term and build a relationship that “doesn’t have to win today”. It’s about the learning and the practice in a safe space. Licensing coaches that know the LeftFoot Way is my opportunity to keep building great players by focusing on great coaching. ” – Founder, Christian Isquierdo

The third element on the Wheel of Practice is sometimes the first true process of the student ready to engage on the pathway to learning, commitment.  On the Journey through Youth Soccer we can see that most students lack a true awareness of speed and agility, deceleration and acceleration principles  — more clearly, they lack a true understanding of “how” their body moves through time and space. At this stage of development for an athlete, in the LeftFoot Way, “we teach the body before we teach the ball with the body.” This core philosophy of LeftFoot allows us to re-invent soccer techniques in relationship to how the body scientifically accelerates and decelerates in relationship to an object. As it relates to athletic movement, it is our philosophy that an athlete cannot move with their full force of personal power through the game if they cannot master how to stop, cut, change direction or turn with full trust of their technical skills related to stopping and restarting. Over 90% of new athletes at our Academy fail our initial speed and agility progression that measures proper deceleration and acceleration technique. 

First Time Assessment

Every coach will have a chance to work with your player to implement the Foundation Series progressions and give your player a chance to develop the technical understanding of over 250 different techniques related to our Academy Series progressions. Foundation Series Coaches are in the process of working on 100 hours of course instruction directly under the Master Coach, Christian Isquierdo. They need to earn 30 hours of One to One Coaching at the Foundation Series level to move into Combination Series instruction for BallStriking and working with small groups. Your player will be assessed on the current curriculum of the month as well as their own mastery of the Foundation Series skills for the 30 minutes of instruction and guidance with each coach. 


No Pain, No Gain

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Members Only

While most parents assume their player needs ONLY one to one coaching, our model is designed to allow players to play with the ideas and receive instruction from many coaches teaching the same techniques. Our group sessions are “private sessions with other people” so that individual learning is always front and center, but so is the ability to play. 

Foundation Series

Six random sessions to book when ever and where ever in the Academy with any coach. Exclusions and seasonal availability may impact attendance. Each coach is working toward mastery of the Phenomenal FootSkills model for quickness, speed, variety and combinations of techniques with Foundation Series students. 90% of new players in the Academy don’t meet our Foundation Series requirements upon application to LeftFoot. 

House Sessions

A House Session is based on the Four Houses of LeftFoot (Reks, Ecks, Studs and Bergs). These “open” time slots are options for parents to enroll and allow coaches from each house to “jump” in and work with the player. Since we work as a team of coaches, we see that you want a session, and we’ll provide a coach to work with your player on site. 

The LeftFoot Privado™

The “Privado” is the most requested product of LeftFoot. Your session is pre-booked and guaranteed at the same time and with the same coach each week. There are five seasons of the LeftFoot Privado model that allow players to work with coaches. Enrollment and Costs are based on the season, coach and time slots. So prices vary. Privado students have the preference to re-enroll with their coach prior to release to the public. 

Combination Series

These sessions are offered based on the Combination Series coaching license. BallStriking instruction and refinement include, Low Instep Drive, High Lofted Ball, and the Wide Angle Driven Ball. Coaches try to assist the player to pass their Creative Series BallStriking Test. 

What They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

LeftFoot has become a place where I can try new things, make mistakes, and feel safe. I have increased my level of play.
A wise coach once told me, “Coaches teach you to pass because they don’t know how to teach you to dribble.”  At Christian’s I dribble!
Soccer has become a large part of my life story. LeftFoot has been an important chapter.  Teaching me to snap my knee when I shoot is one of the many things that Christian has taught me. Reaching my goals, Christian has helped me to reach many of them. I have become more consistent with my play and confident with the ball.  You’ve changed my game Christian. I’m proud to call myself a “Leftie.”    
Meredith Haakenson

University of Michigan, Star Tribune Player of Year 2017

We had heard about LFC from the Jerabeks, and decided it would be a good fit for Billy. What it turned out for him was so much more!  Not only has Billy improved a ton on the soccer field, but his confidence in all areas has improved.  LFC is a place for Billy to come where he can improve his soccer skills, make new friends, not worry about making a team, not have the pressure of travel soccer & wins/losses, and most of all have FUN!!! We know when we drop him off that he will be left in good hands with you, he will come out REALLY sweaty, and that he will always have a good time.  Billy always wants to come to LFC.  He never complains about having to go, and that in itself says a lot!
Molly & Todd Pannek

University of Minnesota, LeftFoot Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Being a single parent, working full time, my daughter living with me 100%, I am always looking for positive external influences for Maddy.  When the soccer season ended in 2010, I could tell Maddy was on the cusp of hanging up her cleats.  She did not make the Blackhawks team and her Junior high school team was a frustrating experience. During the first month at Leftfoot, Maddy and I learned how much we did not know about soccer.  It wasn’t too long after joining Leftfoot, Maddy wanted to skip her club practices to attend Leftfoot, her reasons were simple…  ‘Christian makes it fun, he cares about improving my skills and I know I am improving as a player.’ I know Maddy’s success on the Soccer field is directly correlated to her work with Christian. Thank God for another positive influence in Maddy’s life, Christian and LeftFoot, her soccer home!

Paul & Maddy Heckman

Winona State University, Hall of Fame, Class of 2015

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