Membership Guidelines

Membership for New Students

Interested in LeftFoot Coaching? Our service plans been updated to reflect certain achievements in our 2020 Strategic Plan. As of December 1st, 2018 we are introducing two updated PLANS for players and families to enroll at LeftFoot. One plan is required for NEW students of the Academy, the other is an add-on for any students to continue to enroll and participate at LeftFoot Coaching Academy. 

The Weekend Plan Premium for all first year students, returning students and new members within the Youth Academy or Junior Academy divisions is required for Membership. Our goal is to get to 200 Members for the 2018 – 2019 Academic year to provide over 7 days a week access beginning January 1st, 2019 and finishing our enrollment goals by June 1st, 2019. 

The Weekend Premium Plan is the lowest minimum service plan at $84/month for (2) Weekend Practice Sessions and (1) One on One Coaching session for new students enrolled in either the Foundation Series, Junior Academy and  the Youth Academy at LeftFoot. Prospective Members must apply through the Academy Trial Application. You can add more than one Weekend Premium Plan to your cart for extra sessions.  Click here to visit the product in the Academy Store

The Sustaining Membership has been brought back to LeftFoot Coaching Academy as we’ve evolved our Coaching Model to assist in maximum flexibility for parents and students. For $99/month members get 4 sessions a month to enroll in any Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model class and/or Weekend Practice sessions

With over 10 sessions possible each week, Sustaining Member students can attend Saturday – Wednesday in any class. At each class we divide students based on their Academy Division and Academy Series.

  • Academy Division = Youth or Junior
  • Academy Series = Youth I, Youth II, Foundation, Combination Series

Often referred to as the Weekend Practice Pass, Members and Students can ADD ON additional Seasonal Practice Passes to add more opportunities to their schedule. Since the Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model allows for “back to back” sessions some students enjoy extending their visit to LeftFoot by adding extra these Practice Passes. 

  • Members = 5% OFF
  • Students = 20% OFF

Tuition Plans are enrolled in by members between August and October each year. This is a year round program that allows us to plan out the winter and summer programs. Tuition Students that are “Ahead” of the enrollment season each year receive an extra 20% OFF practice passes. Tuition Plans are invite only. First year students can no longer enroll in Youth or Junior Tuition Plans after November 1st each year. 


$275/ Annually,

2 Sessions good whenever, 

  • Participation in FOURZA
  • $50 OFF all Programs and Plans over $250. 
  • 10% OFF Passes & Plans over $200

Weekend Premium

$84/month for 12 months

2 Sessions; good on Weekends only.

Can be used for FOURZA

1 One on One Coaching Session

Sustaining Membership:

$99/month for 12 months

4 Sessions; Can be used in:

  • Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model
  • Weekend Practice Sessions
Why is there a monthly fee?

Between 2011 – 2013 we were able to predict the number of classes and participants based on the number of subscriptions that we sold during the entire year. Plus we need to maintain a healthy subscription model to sustain our efforts of protecting the Academy from rentals, leagues and clubs from taking up too much of our programming. 

With the introduction of our Coach Licensing Model, One on Ones and the Weekend Practice Model we are ready to open up the Academy to more students, more coaches and still maintain high quality.

How long do I need to pay monthly fees?

After 12 months, you can cancel anytime. We’ve learned a lot about subscriptions and business models through the years. Our Master Coach Model creates an ever expanding model to stay at a 4:1 student to coach ratio while at the same time opening the doors for everyone to continue to practice on the weekends!

What about the One on One Coaching Sessions?

We found that through the years, players do better with a regular and healthy dose of One on One Coaching at every level. Our Coach Licensing Model requires all new Foundation Series and Combination Series Coaches to schedule 30 hours of One on One Coaching to complete their practicum work. Plus, they get steady work to fulfill and schedule either appointments or classes to fulfill your subscription.  

Do my sessions expire?

Yes and no. Your One on One Coaching Plan expires each month, and (1) session expires from your Weekend Practice group. This way we know how many sessions to run each month, hence the low price of $84/month.