On the heels of our successful winter programming, we’re running several promotions to give new clients, members, as well as existing students huge savings on their investment. Our soccer parents have long been clamoring for great deals, and so we’re doing exactly that as we move into the next phase of our journey as a soccer home for Minnesota. Read on to know more about our new membership perks in 2018. 

Up to $75 Savings for Academy Trial Applicants

Young players who missed out on our previous programs now have a chance to experience the LeftFoot Way. We’re excited to announce that we’re offering $97 Academy Trial Applications at the moment for players who want a sneak peak of what we have to offer, without committing to our annual programming. This promotion coincides with our referral program; if you refer a friend to us and they sign up for a trial, you’ll receive an official soccer jersey for free ($20 value). 

Academy Trials are perfect for players who are in the beginning stages of their youth soccer training journey. This is the first step offered to any potential Lefties who would like to gain access to all of our exclusive premium services, such as our truly-unique, patent and trademark-protected LeftFoot Privado™ program, as well as those offered under our Master Coach design.

Promo Price


4 Sessions

Customized Coaching Experience

Access to All Options After First Session

Membership Invite After Third Session

Join the Trial, Upgrade and Save

Your trial includes four sessions, one design call and priority access to get in line for our Summer Privado and MasterMind programs. Once your trial is done, you have the option to upgrade to a regular membership plan of $275 for the whole year. We’re going to add two extra sessions to your Membership which you can use in any of your Academy Series progressions for an entire year.

Your annual Membership immediately grants you full access to our facility and core services. What separates our students and members is the frequency of their attendance in our Academy. Members typically attend between 16 and 32 times a year, while students attend at twice that rate. If you’re interested at only becoming a member, you still have access to our premium offers, which you can add to your account through our Pike 13 Scheduling Site.

Get the Fourza Unlimited or the Weekend Pass and take advantage of Christian’s guidance through the summer as he’s on the field every weekend. Come in, play, get coached, earn points, and join a House—because you got that membership. Offer lasts until April 5, 2018. 

We’re adding new coaches this season which would allow us to accommodate more students for the summer intake. For instructions on how to enroll in our programs, visit our Scheduling site or set up an appointment with Christian or one of our coaches. See you at our upcoming sessions!