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We’re sorry. We have a protected site to enroll and purchase services. You can APPLY to get connected to a coach for a complimentary phone call. But you’ll still need to enroll in a trial or be a member to enable the opportunity to enroll and participate.

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Coaching Design

We’re more than a drop in program that you can just enroll in a camp. We don’t do camps. We coach. We plan. We consult. We are a coaching academy for a reason.

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We teach a specific style of play mixed with specific techniques. And It’s why thousands of players have had success at LeftFoot. We get results. We need to see your player to design the best program for you to get the results you want.  


FOURZA is a code name for what we call “your team” inside LeftFoot. We connect you to a “house” that helps you coordinate your coaching design. Each “House” gets a % of the sales to support their work within LeftFoot.


Parents schedule classes in our Master Coach Model Classes to work on over 200 techniques related to a five year curriculum designed to develop players for success.  Enroll in the online course: I. Leadership – 02. The LeftFoot Way of Practice to learn more. 

Coaching Resources & Paid Coaching Design

The PAID Academy Trial Application includes an automatic invitation to membership that includes four sessions and additional services. Our FREE Application to our online courses provides no services other than access to some of our coaching sessions and techniques. If you’re looking to “investigate” LeftFoot you do need to APPLY with either a PAID application or a FREE one.


Our Students Love Us

From day 1 Lane felt “at home” at LeftFoot. He received invitations for Premier from each of the teams he tried out for within a year.
Hard to imagine where Lane would be without LeftFoot.  Probably not playing Premier soccer.  What a wonderful “return on investment”
Brian Lipschultz

There were some weeks he went two or three times and covered everything from boys group to academy to strength training. Before Left Foot Joel never took corner kicks. Now he takes them whenever he has the opportunity, and his team tells him to take them.

Heather Hartwig

I think this program is very well put together. It’s fun to see what Dani went thru come together into a more formal development series. I’d love to see Dani finish up with the program and get her coaching licenses for both the state of Minnesota and LeftFoot.

Sarah Nelson

I think you always take a very creative approach towards announcing new and exciting options with LFCA. Once again, I like this and it helped answer a few questions I had for Logan.  I think this opportunity is a great way to develop young people, which to me is the most important aspect.

Derrick Cobb

Ready to Make a Change?

With over 300 opportunities to stay, play and get better, LeftFoot takes its coaching seriously. Our Trial Application allows us to design the best path through the Academy for you, your family and the goals you want from private training.