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MasterMind – FOURZA

We’re giving you the best of both worlds this summer with our MasterMind-Fourza Summer Integration Program. We know you love spending time at the Academy, so this back-to-back program offers more time for you to work on your skills. Sharpen your skills with our MasterMind-Fourza model, with the intensity and grittiness that real soccer training calls for.


  • Six games, additional weekly two-on-twos (one hour session) Fourza and access to Friends of the Academy;
  • If you’re already a student, we’re going to keep half of our MasterMind spots for you;
  • Students will also receive 30% discount on the MasterMind fee ($999);
  • Access to our database, which include training videos and our founder’s 300-page ebook which contains diagrams, plays, how to do restarts, warm-ups, how to get ready for a game and nutrition guidelines;
  • Requirements: Summer Program (BootCamp, Dynamic Training, Intensives or Senior Academy Class)
  • Must be an active Member with paid dues.

Key Details

6 – 7v7 Games for Houses

6 – Two on Two Functional Training Sessions

Access to Exclusive Database  

Subscription Only

MasterMind Info

More Than a Game MasterMind was developed from our view of the game as it could be, not what it is. It allows players to work on their weak spots and teach them how to make decisions intuitively on the field. Just imagine playing Aerial Warfare 11v11.

Or how would the Triangle Offense ( We have to call it the Triord Offense, now)  work in 9v9, when all the players can run it? For this summers’ programming we’re modifying the MasterMind model and combining it with Fourza concepts. MasterMind is going up to 24 players, six from each Fourza House. These players will be playing 7v7-9v9 because we’re adding a keeper sweeper and one sub. We’re also going 4v4. That’s why the entire method of playing and coaching in the MasterMind Fourza model will support players.

No Kids Left Behind

Each session allows players to get a lot of information on tactical efficiencies, or what we call in soccer, Functional Training. Functional training is about understanding each positions’ style of play. How does the center-mid play? How does the striker play? What are the striker’s responsibilities, techniques, and plays? What are they looking for and then how do they combine with each other?

Cost: $699 – Subscription Only

Start Dates: June 8th, 2018

End Dates: December 30, 2018

Project Type: Game Skills Integration

Coaches: Christian Isquierdo, Katri Studtman, Courtney Mohs, Billy Pannek and more.


Alchemy Sports Complex

2465 West Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake 55356 MN

Time: Friday Morning 10:30 Game Time


Last Year

Cost $999

Invite Only to students

Homework Check -in

1 Game Visit

4 One on One sessions

(30 min.)

After Game Visit


This Year

7 payments of $91

Open to House Members & Students

Access to Exclusive Resource Database

6 Games Coached by Christian & House Leaders

6 Drop In Two on Two Functional Sessions

Half Time Huddle, Post Game Techniques

Functional Training

Pay attention to the days of the week for the Functional Training Topics
Monday: Strikers
Tuesday: Center Mids
Wednesday: Wings
Thursday: Defenders

Let’s Play

Did you ever say, why doesn’t my kid play like they do at LeftFoot? If you see that the skills that LeftFoot players have and your team doesn’t. Wouldn’t it make sense to actually learn how to use those skills in a game with others?