Schedule “Back to Back!”

We introduced the Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model class to allow players and families to attend any class during the week and still work on the Academy Topic that we’re working on that day. As a parent, all you have to do is drop them off to the session! We’ll do the rest in the session to teach our progressions and topics without forcing you to pick and choose which “level” to attend. 

Watch the video above to learn how to adjust your settings in Pike13 and schedule classes based on the Academy Coaching : Master Coach Model!

Access Every Day

Attend a Class any day and every day of the week. 

The Academy Coaching: Master Coach Model allows every player to sign up, attend and get coaching based on their Coaching Design Plan and our staffed sessions. We know players want to be challenged, learn, struggle and be in small groups as they learn, but they also want to “Stay & Play.” 


You should be able to go whenever you want and still get the attention to yourself. 

Our Senior Academy : Coaching Practicum continues to expand based on the ability to “Stay and Play” with Varsity, Division I players, and our up and coming talent so well that younger players LOVE seeing what we’re teaching in the actual game play. With over twelve licensed coaches and practicum student we have enough coaches to allow every player 1:1 or 2:1 ratios. This allows us to break up each small group to fit a broader diversity of talent, age and skill. 


Get ready to get better. 

The opportunity to “stay and play” is essential to player development through the Academy Model. Attending classes “back to back” increases the Opportunity for players to practice, play, fail and learn through repetition. Classes are now one hour, so that a player can fit in either a One to One Class for 30 minutes or “stay and play” in another class. 

 By February 10th all Tuition Students will have updated packages to adjust the pricing and time differential. 

  • Silver Tuition Students will have an extra 3 All Ways a Leftie passes that expire April 28th. 
  • Gold Tuition Students will have an extra 4 All Ways a Leftie passes that expire April 28th. 

Why did we do this?

“In the Sioux tradition, leaders were asked to think “seven generations ahead” when evaluating decisions. I constantly push our team to think about the next generation of leaders in our academy, where are they coming from? Who are the interns in our academy that are ready to take the next step and give back to the younger generation of players? And the proof in the pudding the other day was when I was working with a group of players, and they asked for Anna to come back into their session as a coaching partner. Why would they want a younger coach to come back? Because she represents that role model of friendship — she’s a living model of hope for their dreams to be grown up, playing high school soccer and demonstrating technique in game play. But most importantly, she knows them and she’s there with them in the struggle of learning. “

Excerpt from The LeftFoot Way of Coaching, Christian Isquierdo.