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Core Values

Greatness Doesn’t Happen in One Day.

Private Coaching Since 2008.

Our company wasn’t formed in one day.

Coaching is a process that helps people reach a place in themselves they didn’t think was possible.

Our values help guide our decisions on a daily basis so you know that we’re here for you.


We are guides along the journey of youth soccer development. We have no benefits to gain as to the current and future competitive level of students, but seek to help our students and families find the best opportunities to grow and play at the highest level they can play at successfully.

“We give you honest, strategic advice on becoming the best player you can be without benefit to our self interests.”


We provide a “soccer home” that is inclusive and encourages diversity of gender, ability, age and club that transcends differences and establishes a community of dedicated soccer players and coaches.

“Once you’re a Leftie you’ll never be cut, thrown-away or benched.”


We want to wake up every morning excited to work with our dedicated families.  We trust that your success is guaranteed and we are committed to help create opportunities and solutions if you are dedicated to our common goals.

“Together we are dedicated to the success of your Academy experience!”


We balance a hard work ethic with rest and recovery so that we care for the health of bodies as well as our families. Our effort is what makes the greatest impact.

“Work hard, rest well.”


We are an energetic and honest company dedicated to giving the optimal soccer experience. Our success comes through embracing change, with constant innovation and continuous education.

“Innovate, Adapt, Improve.”


Our business, efforts, goals and programs reflect that “soccer is our ministry” and we are constantly dedicated to searching, listening, and praying for the best to be reflected in all of our students, team members and leaders.

“Our passion is to serve the greater good through the game of soccer.”

Coaching Services

Anyone can setup some cones and run drills. Why we coach and deliver guidance to children through the game of soccer is what gets us up every morning.


We value the health, sustainability and vitality of our students. We promote, maintain and educate our students on the highest standards of strength, coordination, fitness, corrective exercise, nutrition, and sports psychology. Our goal is for students to live healthy lives now and beyond youth soccer.

“Our role is to keep you healthy to perform at your best.”



We dedicate ourselves to be patient and strive to be 1% better every day. We understand and embrace that there’s ‘no such thing as a soccer emergency’ and so we listen, learn and reflect on problems so that we can find solutions as a team.

“Greatness doesn’t happen in one day.”



We accept and value the tremendous honor and responsibility that is involved in providing children positive adult role models. We are active in their life by engaging with them and exhibiting the highest standards in morals, work ethics, competitive play and personal health.

“Our lives reflect positive role models for children.”



We trust that our teammates will complete time-sensitive tasks and rely on them for the execution of team goals. We have the humility to defer issues and that there’s power within the unknown. By relying on others through challenging times, we arrive at the best solution together. Respect for our roles within the team develops us as a company of coaches and leaders.

“As a coach and leader: I trust you, I respect you, I rely on you.”



We share a passion to welcome great families to support great coaching so that great players can find the greatness within each opportunity and challenge. We hold ourselves accountable to each other to produce results that lift us all to a higher level.

“Great players and people make others around them better.”



We enrich the Academy by encouraging risks, promoting creativity, engaging opportunities, making fast mistakes, and overcoming the fear we may have to take emotional risks. Our relentless passion for greatness exceeds our limitations. We embrace the possibility to look and be innocently foolish.

“Be great by taking great risks.”


Guiding Principles

When we face difficult challenges in our business we ask these three questions.


We strive to be the best experience in our students lives everyday on and off the field sharing their pain and joy within competitive soccer.

“Every hour is a great session, every loss is a great lesson, every day is an opportunity to become great. “

Nullam / Nibh ultricies / Vehicula / Praesent / Scelerisque / Consectetur et


We honor all abilities of students regardless of the competitive result that the child imminently displays; thus freeing our coaching from the pressure to skip techniques or rush results.

“We don’t have to win with you.”

Nullam / Nibh ultricies / Vehicula / Praesent / Scelerisque / Consectetur et

We Are a Coaching Academy.

The pinnacle of our coaching journey is where we help others find greatness within themselves.  LeftFoot is where our players fail, succeed and come back for more. It’s our challenge to coach them through the experience. It’s our opportunity to shine. It’s what makes us different. It’s why we are a coaching academy.

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