IX. Coach Licensing  – 15. Course Design

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The LeftFoot Way of Coaching

Flexible, Online & In Person Course Work

We’ve designed our coaching curriculum around what works after spending thousands of hours out on the field with our coaches for the past ten years. 

Aspiring local coaches may seek LeftFoot Coaching for our Master Coach Model. The licensing path is a seven-step coach development model that also zeroes in on a more personal way of teaching soccer in one-on-one or small group setting. Throughout your journey with the Academy, you will be able to grow your services, build your reputation and reach more clients.

20. Senior Practicum

Our progressive coaching model begins with the Senior Practicum. For more information on the Senior Practicum click here. 

26. Movement Series Course

As a pre-requisite of earning your Foundation Series License, the Movement Series covers the fundamentals of acceleration, deceleration and athletic development essential for coaching the LeftFoot technical series. Included in the Foundation Course. Required Completion for Licensure.

36. Foundation Series Course

The Foundation Series Course holds the key to the next step of your journey as a coach. You can start your course work during your Senior Practicum. Everything related to the LeftFoot Phenomenal FootSkills™ model of coaching is part of the Foundation Series. 

40. Foundation License

This provides an overview of what to expect from our innovative coaching curriculum, milestones to achieve, as well as recommendations to make your learning journey as smooth as possible.  

46. Combination Series Course

The Combination Series is the integration of FootSkills with our Deadly BallStriking techniques.  At this phase of your development, you’ll gain access to our Five Deadly Strikes curriculum, start working with small groups of 3-6 players and start running short term Semi-Private Coaching classes. 

Combination Series Course

The Combination Series augments your training with new techniques so you can exhibit elegance of movement that is controlled yet unforced at the same time. Access your  Combination Series tutorials here.

Creative Series Course

After passing the Combination course, it’s time to get creative with the ball and focus on further refining your skills. The Creative Series deep-dives into developing your tactical skills, attacking awareness, and resistance.

Master Coach Course

The Master Coach Course is the culmination of all the things you’ve learned. Learn to shadow Master Coach Christian Isquierdo and replicate some of his renowned techniques through this phase of your training.  

21. Senior Practicum Orientation

Once you’ve enrolled in the Foundation Course, you’ll start your Senior Practicum. Access your course materials here. 

32. Movement Opportunities

Opportunities to develop your One to One Coaching business and income is the beginning of the journey to becoming a great LeftFoot coach. This course is included in your Foundation Series Licensing.

38. Foundation Practicum

After 50 hours of Foundation Series Coaching and during your course work, you’ll begin your Foundation Practicum to complete your license. Guidelines and Requirements for Licensure are included here. You can start your practicum work at any time. Required for Licensure.

42. Foundation Opportunities

This course module contains the next step in your coaching journey. Building small group leadership, completing your One to One Coaching requirements and starting to design short term programs for player development within the Academy. 

Apps & Games - BallStriking & Small Groups

This module covers the set-up and design for games that you can implement for Phenomenal Ball Striking and small group training.

Apps & Games - Master Coach Model

This module contains all the set-up and design of games related to the Master Coach model. Interns and new coaches can access all other resources here for their Master Coach sessions.

From Player to Coach

Simply playing the game wasn’t enough to help design a thorough coaching methodology for private coaching. Start a free trial to experience coaching the LeftFoot Way. 

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The High Lofted Ball. The Chip Shot and clearance. Different heights, ideas and reasons to do both. 

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