The Whole Player–The Whole Person

The June and July Summer Intensives take a holistic look at the demands and needs of the player as we do a complete “left” turn in the needs of the programming of the students.

Our 3 hour intensives combine a blend of daily classroom Mental Toughness Training with Christian Isquierdo, our Director of Coaching, with the physical balance, strength and flexibility training of Andrea (Dre) Eilertson, our Director of Training.

We combine this with rest and mental stimulation alongside our skills integration games that require players to focus on specific techniques and goals to build their success on a daily basis. At a certain point along the path of every child the mental game is the biggest hurdle. They “know” the skills, but they don’t believe in themselves,–they don’t know “how” to bring what they know into the games.

This is where the Intensives bring coaching to a completely different level– and it’s what we’re known for…


Dear Christian,

I am not sure what you are doing in your June Intensive but Haley is having more soccer fun than I have seen her have in a long time.  She asked me if she could go in July and August, and she also said she wished it went on all summer.  She loves every aspect: from the classroom, to the strength and conditioning to the actual soccer playing.

We also noticed a difference in her game playing this week that could only be described as “Left Foot” influenced.  Thank you so much for all you do at Left Foot, not only improving their soccer playing, but more importantly making them better, more confident people in the process.

Stacey Steel, Parent, Haley & Anna Steel

We Don’t Do “Camps”

LeftFoot Coaching Academy is built upon the idea that players don’t get better doing a one week camp for 3 hours. That true development of great soccer players happens through progressive, systematic and prolonged engagement overtime with a coach and a player.

Since the beginning of LeftFoot Coaching Academy in 2009, the philosophy of being different for different players is at the heart of our programming. How does one get better? By investing the time, effort and passion with a dedicated community alongside you in your journey.  In the past five years, we’ve taken youth soccer training to a completely different level every year. And each year while we get bigger as an academy our sessions get smaller and smaller!

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