The Ole Reliable Award emerged from this tradition in which we help put the fourth year player helping at St. Margaret’s into the varsity team. Traditionally, at the time when we started the Hall of Fame, seniors didn’t make varsity. Most wouldn’t make the varsity team, prior to about 2012. We started training a lot of athletes that continuously broke the barrier of being a senior playing varsity.

The award came about last year as Ole Reliable, by looking at the player who, while they don’t immediately stand out as a great player, perhaps share the same journey of C2 to Varsity. We wanted to recognize that there was an athlete that was always there. They were the ones who might not be noticed right away, but you could count on them. That trust that you would have that they would step up and they would do that and they would do this. They would do the little things that no one wants to do, that was what the award was for at that point.

We wanted to recognize that while you might not see this player as a standout, you could see this player from the level of trust that they exude. That the ability to do the little things that make big differences, and not gain or seek recognition for doing it. They might not be recognized for doing the little things all the time, but for this moment, they are.

The Ole Reliable Awardee is the person who did the little things that made a big difference in the life of others and/or at LeftFoot through the years. We had three nominees for this:

  • Sam Anderson
  • Dylan Hiebel
  • Courtney Mohs

Courtney—we’ve talked about a little bit, and so is Sam. Courtney, her Ole Reliable elements of meeting at the Academy and doing the little things—she would step up on weekend sessions, she would step up and cover her coaches. She would do the administration and the follow up that was necessary to make sure that the players were in the Academy. She would take the player over to the side and make sure they were getting it right. She was the coach who really mastered a lot of our techniques and practiced enough to break it down to other people in ways that made sense to them because she struggled learning them too. And so when she’s coaching players, she’s got her own unique style of how she introduces her techniques and abilities.

The player that we hadn’t talked about yet is Dylan Hiebel. Through the years, I’ve talked about Dylan and big B, and Dylan was one of the athletes that came through the Academy. I think the Academy needed him later on in life more than he needed the Academy, and he needed the Academy more than the Academy needed him earlier on in life. So I think his journey through LeftFoot will be part of the Ole Reliable, part of the intern of the year and part of the honor of the journey, because Dylan is one of those guys who loved the game. He loved being around people, he loved the grit of LeftFoot.

He once told me about how he didn’t agree with the special privileged attitudes that people are owed something. He said, “You’re not owed anything until you work for it.” He would just get in there and work. What a great attitude for a young man to work hard at things, to be passionate about what he needed to do and how to go through that development over the years to get things done.

Dylan will also be up for the Intern of the Year, and his ability to go through the Academy and recognize: “Hey, the trash needs to be taken out”; or “Hey, we need to open the doors for MU”; or “Hey, this player needs the alarm code set for them.” That was just one of the things. He did the inventory, he’d do the sweeping, he’d do the building for Christian and certain projects and say, “How do I do this Christian? What do I need to do?” and then he would figure it out.

Who is all reliable here—because the question would be—who did the little things that made a big difference and no one noticed? For the Hall of Fame kids that have to vote, I’ll use the word good luck. I think you have a tough choice.  

Get in touch with a REKS House/Hall of Fame Committee member via [email protected] to reserve your seat. See you at the event later!