First off, who wants to do anything “required” ? — not me.


I’m the farthest thing from a requirement. And so is LeftFoot.


When Tyler Bosch, PhD and I designed the LeftFoot Coaching Academy Series we had no intention of ever running a cookie cutter model of coaching. In fact, we designed tons of flexibility in the coaching model to make sure coaches can respond to players and still teach technique.


But one thing we constantly emphasized was the technique of speed and agility — or what we called the Movement Series — is taught to every student.


This was fundamental. No questions asked. This is always taught the same way, every time to every player.


But we found that most players who came to us couldn’t move properly!


Now it’s the hallmark of our coaching in One on One sessions…


We can’t teach soccer skills if a student can’t move!


Moving with power, conviction, and focus is essential in the game of soccer.


That’s one of the main reasons’ we’re different.


We start at the athlete – then progress to soccer skills.


In fact, one of the most shocking experiences we had was a session where we had to teach players how to cut and change direction!


Isn’t that amazing!


Wouldn’t you think that after years of playing soccer– kids would know how to change direction properly?


Did you know the moment of deceleration is also the moment of acceleration!


And that’s 90% of all technique at LeftFoot.


We took the best movement skills in the martial arts, elite sports performance and youth conditioning and blended them with soccer for amazing results!


Then over years of coaching we refined soccer skills to fit within our technical skills to speed up our players.


And now to influence the direction of our Academy we’re offering the Movement Series as a prescribed method of coaching at LeftFoot.


It’s designed to be the introduction and required class to understand all of the movements that are essential to dominating the game off the ball.


I know, the Movement Series was what used to be all the young players at LeftFoot.


But now it’s the new kids and the players who realize that 90% of the game is off the ball.


From now on, Four Movement Series sessions will be part of our new Foundation Series students classes as “required” sessions to move into Combination Series. (no pun intended 😉 )


For class descriptions and booking questions, click here.


Over the next 12 weeks in preparation of your 2015 season — we’re offering FREE Movement Series training to all of our Foundation Series: Academy Students to help them learn the basic fundamental speed and agility progressions that are the fundamental elements of coaching @ LeftFoot.


If you’re getting this email…you’re getting 4 Free Sessions!


Book them now… they’re Free!


Coaching is rarely FREE @ LeftFoot …. which is why I decided to coach the first four sessions.


To see what times I will be coaching Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, click here
Because it is so important to the Academy, I needed to devote my time and energy to making sure it’s done the way I designed it to over four sessions.


It will also be my re-entry to the field for a brief time.


Again, if you have any questions about Movement Series, click here.


I’ll see you on the pitch!