December 2017




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Cut your hair?

Holiday Season is Hard.

Navigating the holidays are difficult, it’s never easy to figure out how to balance all the activity, private lessons, and committments that we all have. A year later at LeftFoot we’re staying focused on the Three Year rebuilding vision by aligning our coaching methods with our business lessons. “Ahead of the lessons” is our moto as we are focused on developing access to clients, space, and coaching tutorials.

How do we create another Anna, Rayni, Syd or Kaija? What did we learn from Andy L., Charlie, Carlos and Jess? 

How to make sure our clients, members, and students stay involved? When and how they want to stay involved? 

It’s not just the holidays that are hard, staying true to your vision of creating a space for players to have access to great coaches, combined with how to create space for coaches to have access to great players is the connection that we’re focusing on. 

Watch for more One on One sessions, weekend sessions, and “camps” as we start applying our lessons learned. 


Holiday Break? Join us December 27th – 29th for Academy Coaching Sessions.

Youth Academy

10-11:15 Am


Junior Academy

11:45am – 1:00pm


Senior Academy



Join Syd, Billy, & Christian with other coaches as we add on a Holiday Academy Experience. Academy Students, Members, and Clients of the Academy are all welcomed to join us. 

The Last Week of the Coaching Curriculum focuses on the Game Play Experience and Application of our Academy Techniques. What better way to introduce FORZA. What’s Forza? you ask, well sign up and learn about an Italian game that mixed in with LeftFoot. 

“It’s like cutting your hair when you’re growing it out. Sure, you can get it cut to go out on Friday night and look great. That would be like hiring an adult coach and throwing them on the field to meet demand. But you’re just cutting your hair to meet the current need. If you’re going to grow out your hair you have to be willing to go through the shaggy, scruffy, uncomfortable stages when it doesn’t look good, feel good, or meet the standards of today. It’s because you know if you keep growing past the discomfort you’ll have nice long hair and even better coaches at the end of the day, because you took the time to grow them, not just acquire a free agent that will leave for a better team, club, or opportunity.”

Foundation Series Licensing Course 

We designed our second course in the Foundation Series for students of LeftFoot to transition to become Coaches at the Academy. We’ve collected all of our FootSkills thoeries, programs, session plans, and techniques to make our future coaches 

The Foundation Series Course will be ongoing through 2018 and 2019 and is open to all Senior Practicum Students. We expect to open up LeftFoot Licensing to all non-LeftFoot students in May of 2018. 

Student Tuition Plans

Enrollment Deadlines are the start date, not the last day to join!

Our first year of the LeftFoot 2017 Student Tuition Plan cycle is wrapping up. Thank you to everyone who supported the rebirth of LeftFoot through the transition from LeftFoot6 to now. Staying with our Operation Systems designations, we’ll be integrating LeftFoot VIII into a common language and designation that should be easier to navigate and understand.  

Moving into LeftFoot VIII, we’re focused on bringing everything together into one standard system with no mid-season changes, no irregularities, just everything we’ve done over eight years wrapped up into one location. The name has changed but structure hasn’t!

Having said that January and February renewals are coming up fast.  Make sure to renew your tuition plan soon.