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 I. Leadership – 01. The LeftFoot Home

Lesson 2: Movement as the Foundation of Skill

IX. Licensing – 46. Combination Series Course


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Why we are, is more important than what we do

Video Topic: Speed Circle Progressions and Games

BallStriking 101

“To strike a ball the LeftFoot way takes a range of mental and emotional skills related to athleticism that most parents and students don’t understand. Striking a Low Instep Drive takes the full expression of our body in terms of acceleration, a full range of motion, focus, physical force generation, a strong mental concentration, and fluid movement. You can’t develop that in only Ball Striking sessions. That’s why part of developing focus and mental concentration is within our Footskills progressions.”

From You Don’t Get Better At Ball Striking By Only Going to Ball Striking Sessions – Christian Isquierdo, Blog Post: April 24, 2015

IX. Licensing - 46. Combination Series

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