Frequently Asked Questions

Is it all year? When do I attend?

Yes and No. It’s seasonal to complement the Club and High School/College seasons. Since we’re a private coaching academy we run sessions year round. Our curriculum is based on a five year progression for a student to learn from age 11-17. We follow an academic calendar with enrollment in August through July.

How many times can I attend?

Most dedicated students attend once a week to see improvment through the year. Other students will “maintain” skills development every other week, while agressive skill development is recommended 45-60 times per year.

Do I need to be a Member?

If you want to spend between $45-65 per session to attend you don’t want to be a member. Members typically average 24-50 visits a year spending $25-35 per visit. If you attend 6-20 times a year to just visit and kick it around with friends, then becoming a Member is the difference between $75-100 of savings. After 45 visits a year, savings increase to over $1,000.

What time are the sessions?

Sessions and calendars are 90% fixed in terms of annual time-slot and seasonal programmings. Weekends are fixed through the year. 9am, Saturday is FootSkills. We utlize our Master Coach model to spread out the entire Academy to study in Senior, Junior and Youth Academy progressions, then make sure to play as an Academy our favorite games.

How do I start?

We highly recommend either attending on online orientation – webinar held with our Founder, Christian and then attending a free session with a Fourza House. Free sessions to House Parties are invite or referral only are scheduled with a House Coordinator or Leader. Friends of the Academy can also support your visit and experience.

How do I know what to sign up for?

We submit semi-annual coaching design recommendations through Guidance Calls with the parent. At a certain age players connect though Coaching Design Interviews for player development and guidance. The “Coaching” experience goes beyond the field.

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A conversation about youth soccer, development, business and opportunities.

Free Courses

Three Things every parent and player must know about the soccer Journey. From years of coaching U12 girls through over seven cylcels of development. What does your 12 year old girl want and need to develop the skills and coaching for her development in the sport of soccer.

Premium Courses

The Lofted Ball. The Chip which is better? How to strike a ball with a patent pending process of coaching methods to teach HB1 and HB2 Striking Methods. Online and 4 Week Course.

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