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We are a Coaching Academy

In 2015 we invested over $200,000 in coach education, documentation and delivery. In 2017 we decided to license everything we know about business development of coaching. The soccer skills, coaching and methods are included in a comphrensive licesing and lifestyle model for coaches 16-45.

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We Can Do it All

We’re with you every step of the way from the moment you joined the Academy as a student to your first day as a coach. Through the years, we’ve developed a foolproof method of teaching soccer to budding coaches and imbuing them with the right mindset to succeed. We also provide job support so that our coaches can earn a stable income. Nobody else takes coaching this seriously the way we do.

Coaching Consults

Become a trusted advisor who looks out for a players’ future, not just their team and their playing time.

Schedule & Services

Get guidance on the best scheduling of time slots to coach, develop your business and have it all.

Technincal Proficiency

Our patent-pending methods of teaching players to effectively and dramatically improve their coordination, skills, abilities and desires allow coaches to take advantge of thousands of hours of expertise.

Annual Programming

Still learning the seasons of how and when to make a living coaching soccer? Learn how to “surf” the waves of seasonal income and still love coaching.

Support & Networking

Coaching can be a lonely enterprise, but with our Master Coach Model of Coaching Great Players you’ll be able to grow a support network to establish your goals.


Try Our Trademarked Process

Research & Analysis

LeftFoot has written extensively about the challenges of youth soccer and coaching parents, developing a a revenue model based on private coaching.

Roadmap planning

Utlize our NorthStar Alignment process to help guide families and students through the seasons of private coaching while at the same time managing your income.

Execute & Monitor

Our Academy Series Coaching Methods, BallStriking processes and One on One methods and processes have been documented and replicated by thousands of students and tens of coaches.

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

I’ve had to learn the hard way for years how to build a clientele, manage time slots, progress players and develop my own staff. The LeftFoot Licensing Model is designed for young and old, new and experienced coaches to to develop their own busines leveraging pehenomenal teachnig methods and progressions that keep your players improving and coming back for more.


Pricing Models For Every Need

Our best coaches start when they are just 15-17 years old. As they age up through the Academy and into college they become guides along the journey of youth soccer. Professional coaches learning the LeftFoot Way of Coaching have a different pathway but many of our former coaches extended their playing careers by learning our techniques.

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