An Invite to Our Practice

Jun 28, 2019

The Ability to Respond First 

Version 5 (June 27th, 2019)

As of June 16th, two of the people that wanted to “keep LeftFoot alive” abandoned their responsibilities and actions related to servicing customers, communications, sales and delivery of coaching services on Pike13. They also neglected the “AnyTime Fitness in Edina” contracts and communication.  Due to the “ghosting” of the key administrator related to operations, we’ve had several parents and families drive to locations that were not secured during my absence. 

Know an Answer Before a Response

All of this was brought to my attention on Thursday, June 20th, after several weeks of “being out” of the loop. (As the Godfather quote of old, “ I think I’m out and they pull me back in.” ) Over the past 96 hours, I’ve seen what I have built in years destroyed by negligence, lack of follow through and a complete disregard for the years of building relationships with great customers. This Tuesday, several LeftFoot coaches and some families banded together to fulfill the remainder of the summer with a quick LeftFoot 101 concept. We’ve drafted this response with several drafts of parents, coaches and families closest to me over the past 72 hours.

An Invitation to the Wheel of Practice

To see schedules, prices and enrollment deadlines, as well as answer questions please be sure to download and read through the following document. 

The Lack of Alignment

It’s been known for several years that I have been ready to move on from running the business. After some meditation this past week, I came to what works best for me and hopefully your students for the upcoming month of July. For the better part of June, Katri Studtmann and I have been gathering my (five) books with the intent to continue generating the content. We’ve been supported by Courtney, Billy and Kyle (henceforth, my Coaching Council). This small circle of “student coaches” has been serving as a liaison to the rest of the Academy and notified me of the problems emerging. 

In order for me to “jump back in” when I’ve already made plans to be out I had to do some soul searching about my intent and what I could deliver. In April, my intent was to give the money back and close the doors to enjoy my first summer “off” in over 16 years. I do not want to “get back” on the field or in the business, but instead of refunding money to our loyal customers, I felt that our college and high school players could continue to deliver services in the important month of July, rather than just “give the money back”. Several parents felt that they would rather have their player coached, vs getting a check in the mail, hence this solution emerged with their help. 

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The LeftFoot Wheel

InterWheel and OuterWheel Students

The Wheel of Practice is a solution to study the LeftFoot techniques, writings and course materials with a group of dedicated student coaches. A secondary and larger group is invited to study and be the subject of practicing our coaching methods in an unlimited practice of documentation, discussions and interventions within a community. An evening and weekend practice schedule will be put into place that allows students to have UNLIMITED Access to Coaches who are studying and producing documents, lesson plans and materials for the LeftFoot Coach. 

The InterWheel

XI (11) Senior Academy students, coaches and coaching partners will make up the InterWheel of Practice by continuing the development for the LeftFoot Way of Coaching courses and materials. These XI(11) Coaching Partners, Foundation and Combination coaches will be the “team”. They will have an “On Deck” partner with them this summer. This will provide us a maximum of XI Coaches, XI+ On Deck Coaches, and approximately 30 students who reflect the Outer Wheel. 

The OuterWheel 

These are LeftFoot Coaching Academy students in either Youth or Junior Academy who have enrolled in Tuition Plans or Memberships and have been invited to help us continue our studies. Their role is to be “guinea pigs” and help our InterWheel students test out session plans, progressions and learn the LeftFoot Way of Coaching. Most OuterWheel students have already paid for services and are by invitation only. New students and trial applicants will be added to a waitlist. OuterWheel enrollment is limited to approximately 30 students. 


A list of students invited for the InterWheel and OuterWheel of Players are listed below. While some students were left off the list, it was with the intent that the student and parent have already contacted us about discontinuing services and are participating in other training programs this summer.  If you decide to decline your spot or have not scheduled yourself into sessions by July 7th, your spot will be allocated to the waitlist by July 10th. 

An Invitation to the Wheel of Practice

To see schedules, prices and enrollment deadlines, as well as answer questions please be sure to download and read through the following document. 

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