About US

Our Academy is based on establishing a personal relationship between the parent, the player and the coach. As the triangle of “trust” evolves coaching and mentorship within the game allows the community to begin practicing skill development with a cohort of individuals. There are many strategies to design the results a player needs.  Each player gets to choose when they want to train, how often, and what they want to develop based on a curriculum designed to elevate players to the highest level of play that they can attain.

Year Long

We typically work with an exclusive clientele to manage winter, spring and summer programming over the youth journey through soccer. Our curriculum spans five years of total youth soccer development.


With limited space, flexible options, we utilize a variety of business models to structure coaching services. We only work with 12 players in a session with 5 coaches. for a 3:1 ratio with Master Coach support in our Academy Series progressions.


What works for U9’s in the fall doesn’t work with HS Seniors in the summer. Seasons change, programs stay the same and different options for different people.


Our tuition packages range between $900 – $2,500 for the year. That’s why we have a structured methodology; not only in our coaching curriculum, but in our process for working with new clients.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

At LeftFoot we go above and beyond the experience on the field into the relationship between coaching, the player and the family experience. Our Students apply for 48 spots in each Academy Divsion. 


Students' playing Center Mid or Striker after 2 years of LeftFoot.


Three Years of Membership


Founded by a Team Of Professionals

Christian Isquierdo, M.A. YFSAS,

Founder, Master Coach

Theorist, practioner, coach, father, student and visionary. 

Tyler Bosch, PhD.

Design & Theory

The Organizer behind the chaos, the education and science behind the ideas.


What We Do Best

in order too!

One on ONe Footskills

One-on-One Footskills is a critical component of our Accelerators series. It includes two one-on-one sessions per week to allow students to get better at their foot skills, and be able to handle the ball intuitively and creatively. As with our other Accelerator topics, we keep each class to a maximum of 16 players so we can dedicate more attention to the progress of each player.


We’ve dissected the hardest techniques to perfect and made them easy for our players to learn, all the more in a short amount of time. LeftFoot Coaching Academy has, in fact, set the record for making it possible for players to master the low instep drive in all of Minnesota through our LeftFoot BallStriking series. LeftFoot BallStriking runs for four weeks.

Semi-Private Coaching

Semi-Private Coaching is a small 4:1, 45 minute coaching session with random scheduling. Most players want a small intense workout during the spring and fall seasons. Summer programming is often arranged with licensed coaches.

Academy Coaching

 Monday – Thursday November through April, the Master Coach Model works with 48 students a year. We offer a comprehensive tuition-based curriculum where students are coached based on their age and skills progression and begin their full year of learning. 

The LeftFoot Privado

The LeftFoot Privado is a seasonal premium program that brings together semi-private training and small group coaching. It also involves games designed to allow students to apply what they’ve learned. Privados are held every Spring and Summer.


LeftFoot Topic Accelerators is a series of One-on-One Coaching session that focuses on one topic at a time. It makes use of the LeftFoot Privado™ format and is offered to Youth and Academy students who want to hasten their technical development outside the Academy’s regular schedule.


June and July bring two week Intensives to shut down the Academy, study every thing in the Academy from the Winter I and Winter II curriculum. It’s a great way to see where you’re going and what you should have learned. 

Dynamic Training

Dynamic Training is a high-level, 8-week program offered to Academy students who would like more variation in their intensive training. The program combines small group with our Academy Mentorship Model for a 2:1 small group experience within a 24 player community. Over 4-6 Senior Academy Practicum students finish their Licensing requirements during this program with added fun and exclusivity.

LeftFoot BootCamp

The LeftFoot Bootcamp is an 8-week summer program that incorporate the grittiest workouts guaranteed to improve a player’s form, focus, flexibility and coordination. This series is targeted at Junior and Senior academy students, several of whom have gone on to become state champions in the past.

MasterMind Coaching

Designed for private clients, MasterMind Coaching consists of a series of lessons spanning several months. LeftFoot founders Christian Isquierdo and Tyler Bosch developed the program to allow players to work on their weak points with the support of the entire group. MasterMind Coaching is often held during the summer.


FOURZA is a code name for a secret society that emerged at LeftFoot to dominate, play and battle each other. FOURZA is an invitation to members of LeftFoot after their first year of being a student. FOURZA is competitive play against our entire academy with coaching and technical skills.