You know first-hand that soccer is more fun when friends and family are involved. This is why we’ve established Friends of the Academy, through which we extend special privileges to our students.

We’ve established Friends of the Academy to give our younger players special access to the our tuition and premium programs, with additional hours each day to improve upon themselves. Stick around after your regular programming for a game or two, do a Bootcamp, or see our Master Coach in action—LeftFoot have you covered.

Hard Work Pays Off

For the uninitiated, Friends of the Academy has been developed to motivate students who are not quite there yet, but are determined to someday making the leap. The program focuses on grooming our U12 to U15 players into great U18 players, who would someday help grow the future of the Academy. By spending more time at the Academy (some more than 50 hours), they get to see how great players are made, as well as what goes on behind the scenes.

Participants of our Friends of the Academy program last year were also enrollees of MasterMind, a flexible two-hour coaching program that give players a specific homework as part of the design. It’s a variation of our other small group soccer training programs, in that there are only four players in class. If you want to tag along a training partner, you can also do that under our premium one-on-one service.

Because they were part of MasterMind, they had the freedom to play and use the facility for two more hours. As part of our current promotion, LeftFoot Coaching will continue to extend the Friends of the Academy offer to MasterMind enrollees along with your summer tuition.

Tomorrow’s Leaders

LeftFoot is all about creating future leaders through our wide-ranging programs. We are not interested in working with the popular, star players; we are a soccer home for the underdogs. We don’t give up easily on the last kid on the bench; in fact, we thrive by getting them in shape.

Our Friends of the Academy program is a means for us to focus on developing players that could someday take on a bigger role within the organization. Long-time participants of the program will then be identified by a Master Coach as players that could go on to teach the methodology of LeftFoot and be mentored to be licensed coaches moving forward.

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–Details —

Friends of the Academy

Stay and Play

Players that are 14 or 15 can start with the Friends of the Academy program with the payment of their Tuition Plan and Annual Membership fee. This allows these players to receive training, observe and develop leadership skills in the Academy. This program is sometimes referred to as “Stay & Play”. The player stays and plays while a sibling is attending a session, or following a session they are enrolled in and they may help with small tasks as asked. Friends of the Academy acts as a “rewards program for parents who have been part of LeftFoot for several ‘generations’ of players.”

Parents’ Responsibilities

  • Commitment to recommendations and referrals to be posted to be able to contact about the Academy
  • Be listed on our Friends of the Academy site to be contacted by potential parents
  • Written referral, testimonials to be posted on Google Review, Facebook or website.
  • Booking into Friends of the Academy time slots for their child as part of a barter agreement.
  • Spend a minimum of $2,000/year in services.
  • Enrollment of player in a Student Tuition Plan

Players’ Responsibilities

The Friends of the Academy is unpaid junior instructor based training and includes on and off the field training and potentially some random projects:

  • Help with sessions, field design, warm-up
  • Help with admin and office work
  • Help as Coaching Partners
  • Videoing One on One sessions
  • Editing photos or videos

Pike13 Information

There is a service and a pass in Pike13 titled “Friends of the Academy”, which is used to track when those students are attending. All session policies still apply, i.e. needing to supply 24 hours notice of a cancellation of attendance for a session, etc. There are 50 sessions included in the pass to ensure the player does not run out over the course of the summer. This is a program only offered during Trimester 3 (Summer).