Senior Practicum

The Senior Practicum is a transitional program offered to Academy students under the age of 20 who would like to become a part-time LeftFoot Coach.


About Senior Practicum

For some young players, soccer is more than just a weekend pastime. If you’re an Academy student and are seriously considering to transition into becoming a coach someday, then we have exactly the right program for you.

The Senior Practicum is a transitional program offered to Academy students under the age of 20 who would like to become a part-time LeftFoot Coach. It aims to provide students a solid background on the LeftFoot Way of coaching, as well as help them ease into the schedule and demands of being a coach.


Become more adept in technical skills. Increase your ball touches by participating in your Foundation Series sessions, and get more face time with Master Coach Christian Isquierdo through priority access to private trainings.



Work your way up into the Academy ranks. Your Senior Practicum training is the first step to getting employed by the Academy, working with the coaches you look up to, and becoming the coach you want to be. Come summer, you will have the chance to hone your coaching skills by applying for Fourza House Captain positions, or practice one-on-one coaching.  


Get the best of both worlds from your current tuition plan. You’re getting much more from your tuition plan in terms of your participation within the Academy. Each completed session means you get to work and play more as you learn skill sets taught to Foundation Coaches. As you move upwards to becoming a Foundation Coach, you will find that the cost of your tuition is nearly reimbursed with your compensation.




Current LeftFoot Membership

The Senior Practicum program is only offered to current LeftFoot members and students, particularly high school sophomores, juniors and seniors.


Skills Test: Low Instep Drive and Lateral Deceleration

You will undergo an assessment prior to be considered as a Senior Practicum: Coaching Partner.

Drivers License. Students have to be in possession of a valid driver’s license from the state of Minnesota.


Tuition Plan or $700 spent in current Academic Year

To be eligible for Senior Practicum, you should have made a previous purchase for a tuition plan or for our seasonal premium services for $700 during the same Academic year.


Enrollment in Foundation Course Licensing Program

Once you apply for Senior Practicum, your parents can enroll you in the Foundation Course. You’ll receive your Senior Practicum Coaching Design program, your sessions and an orientation.

Program Structure

Winter I & Winter II

Monday – Thursday (4:30 – 5:30)

6-8 weeks for High School Sophomores and Juniors

28 classes (35 hours) of shadowing, partner work with an Asst. Coach or Master Coach

Enrollment in Foundation Course is required to complete, or continue after two terms of practicum work

What to Expect?

Students enrolled in the Senior Practicum program will be engaged in a couple of Youth and Junior Academy sessions, following their Senior Academy session.

During these sessions, they will be shadowing the Master Coach, Christian Isquierdo, and assisting other coaches in doing the housework, such as taking attendance records and assisting warm-ups.

These sessions will take place two nights per week. Further into their training, they will take the role of a coaching partner for more advanced students in the Youth and Junior Academy sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much can I earn?

The Senior Practicum is an unpaid apprenticeship. Coaches begin to be paid once they are registered for the Foundation License course and have completed their Senior Practicum hours (35 hours).


How do I Signup?

Interested students must submit an application online to begin the Senior Practicum. Once their application is approved, they will then register and enroll to reserve their slot and find out their schedule.


Will I receive a license or a certificate?

Senior Practicum is a prerequisite course for the Foundation License. However, you will receive a certificate of completion for fulfilling the Senior Practicum requirements and be invited to test your One on One Coaching skills in a testing at the Foundation Licensing Course. Once you’ve completed your licensing test, you may start coaching at LeftFoot.


Do I need to continue to pay for sessions?

Yes. Until you earn one of the Senior Leadership Positions, your senior year of high school, you still need to pay for Student Course work in Senior Academy.


How long does it take?

By attending once per week, the Senior Practicum requirements can be completed in roughly two months, or as little as five weeks by coming into LeftFoot two-days per week.


Why should I start now?

Don’t put off your coaching education if you are really decided that you’d want to take your love for soccer to another level. Apart from the financial savings of entering our Senior Practicum program, you’ll also get the most out of your training as you interact with our coaches more. We’ve found that freshman, and sophomores in high school have more free time to “volunteer” to get their requirements out of the way.


Is a Summer position guaranteed?

A summer position is not guaranteed. The student must demonstrate the necessary skill, knowledge-base, and commitment to earn a paid coaching position. All paid positions at the Academy are reserved for Licensed Coaches, including administrative roles.


What are the applicable products?

  • Annual Membership: $275/year
  • Senior Academy: Silver Tuition Plan
  • Senior Academy: Gold Tuition Plan*
  • Senior Academy: Winter Reserve Plan*
  • Senior Academy: Privado Winter II & Winter I

* Recommended Programs for consistent attendance.