Additional Options for Summer 2017

Senior Academy - Foundation Coach


Senior Practicum & Foundation Coach Course

We’ve begun to expand our One on One Coaching to licensed coaches that have completed their Senior Practicum and a Foundation Course. These students have learned the value of LeftFoot in their lives and have put in over 40 hours of practicum experience on the field with their Master Coach to begin offering One on One Foundation Series Coaching to players U9-U14 for FootSkills. Senior Practicum students are 16 years of age, have over 90 hours of LeftFoot Coaching Academy experience, have mastery of the Foundation Series and Combination Series skills and are enrolled in a minimum of 10 hours of Senior Academy Coaching per year. Senior Practicum Information and Course Enrollment is here: 

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One on One Coaching is Back!

"Footskills heals all"

One on One – Foundation Series

For players looking to enroll in random One on One Coaching for FootSkills and the Low Instep Drive, our first class of Licensed Coaches will be graduating June 8th, 2017. Seven coaches will begin offering random One on One availability through LeftFoot Coaching – Minneapolis and in their home towns as they see fit. Licensed coaches are independent contractors that have their own coaching business and participate in Master Coach sessions, as well as offer their own scheduling opportunities.
Programming is based on the LeftFoot Way of Coaching and the licensed methodology of the founder, Christian. Membership in the Academy is not required for One on One Coaching – Foundation Series packages, although Members do receive special pricing and early enrollment. No time slots are guaranteed with One on One – Foundation Series Coaching, although the coach is visible upon enrollment. Prices begin at $180/6 30 minute sessions.

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Premium Coaching

MasterMind Coaching

Our first session of MasterMind Coaching was held this past weekend for students engaged in long term coaching, integrated game visits, homework and one on one coaching with myself. To get on the waitlist for next year please contact me directly. We will be expanding the program for next year.

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Summer 2017

Summer Pre-Booked Courses

Senior BootCamp, Junior BootCamp, July Intensive, Junior Dynamic Training, MasterMind Coaching and the June Phenomenal FootSkills Accelerator are all SOLD OUT.
July BallStriking Accelerator (8), June Intensive (5), Youth Dynamic Training (2) and Youth Academy Accelerator in August (11) all have remaining openings. (Remaining spots)

Senior Practicum

Our Senior Academy Practicums begin June 5th – 8th with the Foundation Coaching Course. Senior Academy Practicum classes will be Tuesday and Thursday 11:30 – 12:30pm, June 13th – August 11th. Limited to 16 players for the summer season. 8 players per session. Study directly with Master Coach, Christian and work with other licensed collegiate players who jump into the session for extra touches. Senior Practicum students barter 16 hours of Coaching Partner play in Academy programs through the summer as part of the pre-requisite course work for One on One Coaching Licensure. Enroll in Senior Practicum Here:

Open Enrollment – Drop In Classes

We will NOT be adding open, drop-in classes, SPC, Privado or single session visits after May 25th, 2017 until September 10th, 2017. There are NO EVENING or WEEKEND sessions this summer.

Academy Closed for Spring/Summer Break

May 26th through June 11th, LeftFoot Coaching Minneapolis will be closed to clean, train, build and get ready for the summer. MasterMind Coaching game visits, NorthStar Alignment sessions for members and Member Guidance Calls will be random and sparse.


The Foundation Series Coaching Course will have FREE One on One drop in sessions for the general public and members to be students in sessions between 10am-3pm, June 5th – 8th. Students will be video-taped for coaching instruction and mentored by myself. Spots will be random and in one hour intervals.

Academy Tuition Plans

We will be opening 17 of 48 Junior Academy spots for Academy Enrollments with classes beginning October 15th on July 10th for August enrollments.
Youth Academy will have 16 of 32 Academy spots opening in August for October 15th sessions. With our LeftFoot 2017 program we sold 75 of 112 October 2017 – March 2018 plans in February of 2017. We have already begun identifying Members for Tuition Plans in August and reserving your spot.

New Inquiries – NO TRIALS

New inquiries are encouraged to enroll directly in the June Intensive and or any Accelerator to serve as an Academy Trial Application until September 10th. No guarantee of enrollment or placement will be made after the June Intensive for new or returning students.  No Academy Trial Applications will be offered until September 10th, 2017 for the upcoming year. 

Hall of Fame

Inspired. Challenged. Struggled.

Class of 2017 Nominees & Banquet

Learn from the one who taught me

Over the years coaches and families have commented to me about how I can weave a session together, motivate a group and inspire the entire academy in a session. The woman I learned from is offering what I learned from her, to interested individuals and organizations, as part of the Matrix Leadership Institute.  The Essential 4-day training experience is a profound life-changing and eye-opening process. She’s to me what I am to a lot of students through the years. Amina will be in Minnetonka for a special event May 31st- June 4th. If you lead groups, consult, train or facilitate you may want to explore Matrix Leadership Institute.

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