LeftFoot Coaching Academy is a renowned provider of youth soccer training in Minnesota. We’ve pioneered a successful, scientific-based training method, informed by our decades of experience in sports performance training and science. Creating great players is our unique gift, and we continue to revisit our programs to ensure that our clients get the results they specifically want.

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3 Things Every Parent Should Know About Club Soccer

Finding an adult in your child’s life that can mentor, foster and lead while still teaching and coaching soccer success is a community experience that engages us all. Navigating your childs’ experience through the Academy Trial Application is the first step in becoming a member of our journey together. Our coaches are former students who have grown up in the Academy and nurture the future by giving back and playing.


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Coaching Matters.

Coaches are everything to a player. They are physician, inspiration, guidance, strength and leadership. They can crush the spirit or lift a child to beyond anything they believed was possible. It’s the economics behind coaching that we have to change if we’ll create a way for coaches to give back to children in sustainable, enriching and positive ways.  We’ve lead a coaching revolution for the past five years, find out how we’re continuing to lead.



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