LeftFoot Coaching Academy is a renowned provider of youth soccer training in Minnesota. We’ve pioneered a successful, scientific-based training method, informed by our decades of experience in sports performance training and soccer. Creating great players is our unique gift, and we continue to revisit our programs to ensure that our clients get the results they specifically want.


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Ten Years of Leadership in Youth Soccer

In 2010, founder Christian Isquierdo, went undefeated in club (MTA) and high school soccer with the #1 Nationally ranked team (Eden Prairie HS) after finishing 16 years of coaching.  He was awarded a trip to the World Cup in South Africa by Coca-Cola for his work with the then two year old, LeftFoot Coaching Academy. The World Cup inspired him with the vision of creating a soccer home™ for players who loved studying technique, fitness and the joy of competition.

Coaching Matters.

Coaches are everything to a player. They are teacher, guide, visionary, support and friend. A great coach can inspire the spirit and elevate a child to a vision of anything they believe is possible. The economics and education behind coaching must change if we’ll create a way for coaches to give back to children in sustainable, enriching and positive ways. LeftFoot has studied and created a sustainable model for coaches to learn and perform what they love. 

For over 10 years LeftFoot has been a laboratory of coaching development where coaches learn to teach, plan, read the game and study a variety of methods. Over seven current coaching directors in the state of Minnesota studied at LeftFoot in the past six years. We’ve lead a coaching r-evolution for the past ten years based on our unique mix of ‘spiritual soccer technique’ ; find out why we’ve started a coach licensing model to spread our values, techniques and continue to support LeftFoot not as a training facility for players, but as a coaching academy for leaders. 




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LeftFoot can be confusing for new soccer parents. We know that! We started a revolution in soccer coaching for players which unlike anything your club, team or school can offer. Create an account to start an orientation to LeftFoot with a special offer to experience our coaching classes. 

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