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The LeftFoot Way of Coaching

Youth Soccer Training Since 2006

Coaching Matters.

Coaches are everything to a player. They are teacher, guide, visionary, support and friend. A great coach can inspire the spirit and elevate a child to a vision of anything they believe is possible. The economics and education behind coaching must change if we’ll create a way for coaches to give back to children in sustainable, enriching and positive ways. LeftFoot has studied and created a sustainable model for coaches to learn and perform what they love. 

For over 10 years LeftFoot has been a laboratory of coaching development where coaches learn to teach, plan, read the game and study a variety of methods. Over seven current coaching directors in the state of Minnesota studied at LeftFoot in the past six years. We’ve lead a coaching r-evolution for the past ten years based on our unique mix of ‘spiritual soccer technique’ ; find out why we’ve started a coach licensing model to spread our values, techniques and continue to support LeftFoot not as a training facility for players, but as a coaching academy for leaders. 




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LeftFoot can be confusing for new soccer parents. We know that! We started a revolution in soccer coaching for players which unlike anything your club, team or school can offer. Create an account to start an orientation to LeftFoot with a special offer to experience our coaching classes. 

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