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The Foundation Series

During my recent trip to Kentucky in October, I participated in a MasterMind group that tore apart my business, my training and everything about my life in conjunction with my values. The second day was spent re-building my business, the vision and finding out what core values are the foundation of LeftFoot Coaching Academy. I…

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Developing strong egos in players

Parents often come to LeftFoot Coaching Academy in search of help for their children. The list is long in reasons but the most common theme is to build confidence.  I think of confidence as the assurances of the child in technical application of a repeated and applied skill. That the more they can apply a…

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Ball Striking

Several weeks ago I published the first video in a series for the members about “No Pull Backs” and after hundreds of emails, views and requests it dawned on me that I have nothing in written or video form about our Ball Striking Techniques. So we have been setting up some dates to do a…

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Understanding Success in Soccer Without Bias

To create an atmosphere of becoming an effective player we as coaches and parents need to help our youth players to redefine success

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Creating Success and Maintaining Excellence

Even though spring is upon us, the painful processes for players and parents is enthusiasm ebbing into the depressing reality of team oriented youth soccer.

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LeftFoot Coaching Summer Intensive

Join Now LeftFoot Coaching Academy (LFC) is introducing three new programs taking an innovative step forward in educating, training and providing exceptional player development.  These programs are:  the LFC Summer Intensive, LFC Small-Group Academy Training and our Player Development Workshops. The approach of these programs is consistent with our focus on creating great players through…

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