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Elite Group 3

One Step Forward – Two Steps Back

I’ve been writing this blog in my head for several months. The reality is that I haven’t wanted to write it, but that I knew I needed a critical moment in time for all the pieces to fall into place and for the truth of the situation to finally present itself. In essence it’s two…

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Level 3– U16-U18

For the high school player that wants and needs additional training beyond club soccer we offer a variety of options that fit their schedule between club and school soccer.

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Knowing Your Map

Last Friday I returned from Louisville, Kentucky where I took some time to reflect and focus on the process of my Mastermind group. Two years ago, I was invited to participate with other youth fitness leaders from around the nation to meet quarterly and “mastermind”. During the trip I took some time to sit down…

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Why is your soccer player still injured?

What all players should be learning – but aren’t Like many coaches, I have learned a lot over the years. I’ve learned through my own playing experience, coaching courses I’ve taken and from the thousands of sessions I’ve been privileged to offer my students.  My own studies of the martial arts, complex systems theory and…

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Private Soccer Training?

For all the “talk” of technical development in soccer there lacks a presence of mind within the coaching relationship for body awareness.

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The Foundation Series

During my recent trip to Kentucky in October, I participated in a MasterMind group that tore apart my business, my training and everything about my life in conjunction with my values. The second day was spent re-building my business, the vision and finding out what core values are the foundation of LeftFoot Coaching Academy. I…

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Ball Striking

Several weeks ago I published the first video in a series for the members about “No Pull Backs” and after hundreds of emails, views and requests it dawned on me that I have nothing in written or video form about our Ball Striking Techniques. So we have been setting up some dates to do a…

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On the Eve of Letting Go.

In September of 2010 ten families pledged $1,000 each in less than seven hours to raise funds for a pole barn in Eagan. As one adviser said, I had already outgrown my first facility without even opening it… then I found our current home in Minneapolis and opened the building with only 24 families in…

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A Paradigm Shift

The difference between player development and team development…

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